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Melissa Built a Beautiful Membership Website for Her Community


Melissa Love used LifterLMS to build a training based membership website that includes courses, guest expert training, and more... Read the whole story →

Sheryle Created an Online Training Portal for a Client in Africa that Creates Jobs

WordPress LMS NonProfit Cause Labs

Sheryle Gillihan used LifterLMS in her agency that serves non profits to create job opportunities in Kenya... Read the whole story →

David Enrolled 400 Students on his First Course Launch to a Niche WordPress Group

David Blackmon Divi LifterLMS

David Blackmon purchased the LifterLMS Infinity Bundle & created an online course business helping him to RV full time... Read the whole story →

Esther Now Making $50,000 Per Month Helping Military Spouses Work Online

Esther Inman a LifterLMS Case Study

Esther used LifterLMS to share her experience how to start & grow a virtual assistant career so others like her could unlock freedom... Read the whole story →

25 Years of Cleaning Houses into a Membership Site Angela Can Retire On

Angela Brown LifterLMS Case Study

Angela purchased the Universe Bundle & in 4 years launched 68 courses to help others like her succeed & set her up for retirement  Read the whole story→

Software Founder Creates a Learning Academy to Solve SaaS Business Problems


Not all courses are for making money. Adrian invested in the Infinity Bundle to create a learning center for his customers... Read the whole story→

Sarah Lorenzen Lives Life on Her Own Terms From Her Online Education Business

Sarah Lorenzen

Sarah built a education business that generated $300,000 in revenue in 10 months with the the LifterLMS Universe Bundle, Read the whole story →

Jeni Jacobs Created A Teaching Company with No Previous Technical Skills

from jenni_vacation (1)

Jeni Jacobs purchased the LifterLMS Infinity Bundle and created an online  teaching company and jobs for her 2 children... Read the whole story →

Health Care Practitioner Creates Recurring Revenue "WaaS" Business

Sally Crewe LMS WaaS Entrepreneur (1)

Sally made $15,000 with her first course launch then pivoted to offering business automation websites with LMS options to clients... Read the whole story →

Jonathan Farley Sold His Course Platform for a 400x ROI

Jonathan Farley

Jonathan made an initial investment of $1,200 sold his platform 18-months later for approximately $480,000... Read the whole story →

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