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Curriculum Entrepreneur David Cole Uses LifterLMS to Make Money Online

David Cole

Dave is a digital nomad and works on the language learning niche. He developed a portal for teachers to use with LifterLMS. Read the whole story →

Frank Shares How He Got Over 600,000 Students and 2 Million+ in Revenue

frank kane alt

Frank Kane has been working with Udemy and offering courses on data science. Get all the Pro insights from his journey Read the whole story →

Jon Shares The Best Tips To Elearning Website Speed Optimization

Jon Phillips - holygrailwp

ELearning and course portal speed optimization expert shares his best tips and steps to make your course website load faster Read the whole story →

Melissa Built a Beautiful Membership Website for Her Community


Melissa Love used LifterLMS to build a training based membership website that includes courses, guest expert training, and more... Read the whole story →

Kay Makes Money Helping Leading Software CRM Users Get Better Results with Tool

Kay Peacey Active Campaign Courses and Membership Site

WordPress pro teaches ActiveCampaign users how to get more leads and sales from their email marketing & automations... Read the whole story →

Largest WordPress Education Site on Internet Powered by LifterLMS


WordPress pro Shawn Hesketh switched to LifterLMS to power his high traffic training based membership website... Read the whole story →

WordPress LMS Professional Brings Cooking School For Kids Online Fast

Tara Clayes WordPress LMS Website Agency

Tara Claeys used LifterLMS for client to create online cooking classes for parents and kids during pandemic... Read the whole story →

David Enrolled 400 Students on his First Course Launch to a Niche WordPress Group

David Blackmon Divi LifterLMS

David Blackmon purchased the LifterLMS Infinity Bundle & created an online course business helping him to RV full time... Read the whole story →

Sheryle Created an Online Training Portal for a Client in Africa that Creates Jobs

WordPress LMS NonProfit Cause Labs

Sheryle Gillihan used LifterLMS in her agency that serves non profits to create job opportunities in Kenya... Read the whole story →

WordPress Pro Launches Retail + Online Learning Website on Cloudways


Kurt uses LifterLMS & WooCommerce on Cloudways hosting to launch self discovery education website for client... Read the whole story →

WordPress Software Founder Improves His SaaS Metrics with LifterLMS

Vito Peleg

Vito used LifterLMS to drive new user activation, reduce churn & capture expansion revenue from a virtual summit... Read the whole story →

25 Years of Cleaning Houses into a Membership Site Angela Can Retire On

Angela Brown LifterLMS Case Study

Angela purchased the Universe Bundle & in 4 years launched 68 courses to help others like her succeed & set her up for retirement  Read the whole story→

Ziv Made $277,000 Teaching Kid Entertainers How to Tie Animal Balloons

Ziv Raviv

Ziv built a training based membership site with LifterLMS in a tiny niche with only 3,000 potential customers worldwide... Read the whole story→

Michael Wiley Created a Life Changing Successful Signature Program Course

Michael Wiley Flippin Mobile Homes (1)

Michael overcame life challenges by purchasing LifterLMS to teach a niche entrepreneur skill to an underserved niche market... Read the whole story →

Jenni Jacobs Created A Teaching Company with No Previous Technical Skills

from jenni_vacation (1)

Jenni Jacobs purchased the LifterLMS Infinity Bundle and created an online  teaching company and jobs for her 2 children... Read the whole story →

Health Care Practitioner Creates Recurring Revenue "WaaS" Business

Sally Crewe LMS WaaS Entrepreneur (1)

Sally made $15,000 with her first course launch then pivoted to offering business automation websites with LMS options to clients... Read the whole story →

WordPress Professional Provides Remote Learning in Traditional Schools

Neil Richmund

Neil used LifterLMS to power remote adult learning programs to meet the digital transformation need in traditional education... Read the whole story →

Esther Now Making $50,000 Per Month Helping Military Spouses Work Online

Esther Inman a LifterLMS Case Study

Esther used LifterLMS to share her experience how to start & grow a virtual assistant career so others like her could unlock freedom... Read the whole story →

Sarah Lorenzen Lives Life on Her Own Terms From Her Online Education Business

Sarah Lorenzen

Sarah built a education business that generated $300,000 in revenue in 10 months with the the LifterLMS Universe Bundle, Read the whole story →

Software Founder Creates a Learning Academy to Solve SaaS Business Problems


Not all courses are for making money. Adrian invested in the Infinity Bundle to create a learning center for his customers... Read the whole story→

Sales Expert & WordPress Pro Create Dream Academy Membership Business

Becky and Jeremy Launder Academy

Becky and Jeremy Launder use LifterLMS to power direct sales education empire from home serving people and corporations... Read the whole story →

Cryptocurrency Expert Helps Others Implement the Tech and Make Money

Nik Hawks Lee Selman Helium HNT Hotspot HNT Mining Course

Nik and Lee use LifterLMS to create courses to meet the exponential need for decentralized wireless infrastructure education... Read the whole story →

WordPress Pro Specializes in Building Online Academy Websites for Clients

Daniel Vargas (1)

Daniel uses LifterLMS to train his clients and build multi lingual "Academy" websites in North and South America... Read the whole story →

Managed WordPress Hosting Company Chooses LifterLMS to Power Site Template

WP Engine LifterLMS Case Study

WP Engine uses LifterLMS to power LMS Site Template to accelerate their customers' learning platform design speed... Read the whole story →

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LifterLMS Space Man

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