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Our mission is to accelerate yours.

Chris Badgett

“We are committed to providing the best tools and resources to empower WordPress professionals, educators, and course creators to share their knowledge and skills with the world.

As an independently owned and operated company that values humanity in business, we pride ourselves on being able to respond quickly to the needs of our users.

Thank you for choosing LifterLMS. We can’t wait to see what you will create and share with the world.”

Chris Badgett, CEO & Founder, LifterLMS
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Education is our mission.

We help education entrepreneurs to help their learners achieve desired outcomes, to truly change lives, and make a great living in the process.

We help them by creating the software, strategies, community, and training to grow high value online courses or training based membership websites from nothing.

The change we want to make is to democratize learning in the digital classroom, to put power in the hands of education entrepreneurs, and help as many people as we can to reach their dreams.

We’ll know we are successful when we are seen as the organization that can help any education entrepreneur that is on a mission to help their learners overcome problems, capture opportunity, and make a huge impact in their community.

We’ll know we are successful when our education entrepreneurs consistently achieve financial, location, and creative freedom.

We’ll know we are successful in the WordPress community when we are seen as the model for how to do freemium in WordPress.

We will create our legacy by changing lives for WordPress LMS site building professionals, our customers, their learners, our families, our communities, and the world in every way we can.

Our Core Values

Community Focused

We care about our community. Everything we do demonstrates our ability and commitment to listen, understand, and serve our people. Inside our company we foster and demand a community of diversity, inclusion and respect.

Reduce Friction

We are in the friction removal business. Everything we do is focused on removing friction so our users can accelerate their mission and vision

Continuous Improvement

We have a growth mindset, and we do the work to improve with an open mind. So do our customers. 

Learner Results First

We believe in not just creating information products. We help education entrepreneurs facilitate learner results and lasting transformation. 

Extreme Ownership

We value leadership. Taking responsibility and ownership of results and relationships is what we do as a software company and what our customers do for their learners.

Clear Communication

Communicating effectively is the backbone of how we work, and we help education entrepreneurs communicate better as well. We believe that the clarity of conversation is in direct correlation to the quality of results and transformation. 

Fulfill Potential

People who work at LifterLMS are fulfilling their professional potential. We help our users and customers fulfill their potential through online education.

Meet The Team

The LifterLMS core team is a passionate group of online educators and technologists.

Chris Badgett

Chris Badgett

CEO & Founder

Jason Coleman

Jason Coleman

Partner & CTO

Kim Coleman

Kim Coleman

Partner & Frontend Dev

Brian Hogg

Senior Developer

Dominique Mariano



Kurt Von Ahnen

Sales & Support

Nadia Akther

Nadia Akther

Marketing & Support

Alexander Tonio


Jean Roth

Case Study Writer

Will Middleton

Brand Champion

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