Getting Started with LifterLMS and Zapier


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You can connect LifterLMS and 1,500+ other apps  via Zapier. It can work both ways in the sense that events that happen in LifterLMS can trigger events in other apps. Also events that happen in other apps can trigger events in LifterLMS via Zapier.

LifterLMS is an app listing inside the Zapier app directory. You can find it through this link.

The LifterLMS Zapier functionality is made possible because LifterLMS has a REST API.

Create API Keys

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Next create API Keys on your LifterLMS powered website. Think of API Keys as a username and password for Zapier to interact with your website.

To create API Keys, head on over to LifterLMS > Settings > REST API

Here are detailed steps on how to generate API Keys.


Create Account on Zapier

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Next if you do not have one already, create an account on

Locate the LifterLMS Zapier Listing

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As of this writing, LifterLMS can be located in Zapier through this link.

This is what you’re looking for:

Decide on Triggers and Events

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The next step is to decide on what app will cause an event in another app via Zapier. It works both ways. This means an even could happen in LifterLMS that triggers an event in another app. Or an event could happen in another app that triggers an event to happen in your LifterLMS website.

Other Resourses

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Check out this blog post about the release of LifterLMS Zapier functionality.

Zapier Help and Documentation

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