Is LifterLMS Right For You?

As you evaluate LifterLMS for your project, these resources are here to help you see if it’s a fit for your goals.

30 Day Demo Site

Test drive all our software for 30 days on your very own demo website provided by LifterLMS.

Video Demo

Enjoy a video presentation about what LifterLMS is, how it works, and what makes it the #1 WordPress LMS.

Quickstart Course

Take a mini course about getting started with LifterLMS to learn how easy it is to use & test the student experience.

LMS Buyer’s Guide

Discover the critical 5 questions that will help you decide on the best course, membership, or LMS software.

Case Studies

Explore some of the many success stories from the talented LifterLMS user community.

Design Showcase

As LifterLMS is the most customizable solution available, people build truly unique brands and platforms.

WordPress Reviews

Scan hundreds of LifterLMS reviews to see what people really think.

Enroll Summit

Don’t let a lack of learners hold you back. Go from zero to 10 enrollments in 30 days.

Capterra Reviews

Capterra helps millions of people find the best LMS software

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LifterLMS is a tool to instantly create & deliver any type of online learning on any topic for anyone anywhere anytime at any scale; with full control over the learning platform.