Educators Can “Learn AI Now″ to Improve Lessons Combining AI with Traditional Teaching Methods

A seasoned LifterLMS user puts the focus on harnessing the power of AI to optimize online education, enhancing course creation, student engagement, and overall learning outcomes

 Chris Lassiter, Learn AI Now

Success Story Highlights

A multi-instructor platform

100+ courses

A companion mobile app

One of the main reasons why I built Learn AI now is because helping people is something that I’m really passionate about.

Discussion and concern about AI’s growing influence and use seem to be everywhere lately, and not least in the area of education. One AI expert is demonstrating how AI can not only support education, but enhance lesson development and empower teachers to be better and more efficient educators.

Chris Lassiter of Learn AI Now has created an online multi-instructor education hub, using LifterLMS and offering courses that guide teachers on how to integrate advanced AI with traditional teaching methods. The site fosters a community of educators who can share, connect, collaborate, and learn together how to use these tools and create their own courses.

Courses start with an introduction to the basics of AI, and then progress to specific AI-driven tools, platforms, and software that teachers can use in the classroom or for online education. They also learn how to integrate AI tools into their curricula, lesson plans, and teaching methodologies.

While AI can help teachers access more sources and make lesson prep faster, it can also be used to build community by managing online forums, and creating interactive educational experiences for students.

“We chose LifterLMS because they truly care about their customers and provide exceptional technical support. The add-ons and flexibility of the platform perfectly suited our needs”

Chris Lassiter, Learn AI Now

Despite much concern about the role of AI in education, Chris points to some strong positive benefits in its application. One of these is personalized learning. The data AI can provide on an individual student’s strengths, learning curves, and areas of improvement can help a teacher finesse their teaching approach to fit each student’s specific needs. This is particularly of value when dealing with special needs and accessibility. Additionally, the integration of AI in grading systems can provide students with instant feedback, helping them pinpoint the areas they need to improve.

Certainly AI can help with the heavy lifting with administrative chores, freeing educators from such tasks as maintaining student records and arranging class schedules in order to devote more time to lessons and curricula development.

How LifterLMS Makes It Work

Chris considered many other Learning Management System (LMS) options before he found LifterLMS. Among the advantages he found in LifterLMS were the add-ons that other LMS’s did not offer, and the pricing bundles that save him money. Perhaps most significantly, he appreciates the customer relationship he experiences with LifterLMS.

Learn Ai Now

One of the things that was the most positive turn-on for me was seeing that you guys truly care about your customer base. And the technical support that I need is there. 

In terms of features, the LifterLMS Groups add-on in particular was a game changer for him. This add-on allows an instructor, administrator, or other leader to offer courses and memberships to a group of users, and invite them to enroll. They can customize their home screen and view progress and reports on the front-end without ever having to access the WordPress dashboard or refer to a WordPress site administrator. 

Lifter Brings to Learn AI Now:

  • add-ons not available elsewhere, especially LifterLMS Groups
  • Bundles for economy
  • The level of tech support
  • Customer care and relationship

AI and Innovation

In addition to guiding others in AI, Chris employs AI tools on Learn AI Now, along with other innovative technology. In one case he wanted his instructor and assistant instructor roles to be able to view only their own courses and media, and not those of other instructors. Using AI and some code from LifterLMS he was able to format these roles to restrict visibility to their own content.

Extending this role functionality, Chris used an admin plugin to create a front-end instructor dashboard that is accessible via a link visible only to those instructor and assistant instructor roles. It allows them to create courses, access reports and upload media from the front-end. The end result is a solution that is more easily accessible and elegant than using the WordPress back-end. 

Learn AI Now Courses by Chris Lassiter

LifterLMS has a fantastic public community. And being able to join those communities and being able to have the people that back it up is very important… That you just can’t put a price on.”

Leveling Up by Integrating LifterLMS with BuddyBoss

A social media component to a community website is critical, and Chris wanted an alternative to a third party platform like Facebook that not everyone can or wants to use. To create his own safe community platform Chris integrated BuddyBoss, an app for online learning and full-scale social networking, with his LifterLMS site. 

Another reason Chris elected to create his social platform with BuddyBoss is a feature they offer that allowed him to create his own mobile app and have it uploaded to the Apple’s App Store or Google Play. The mobile app allows people to access their courses, dashboard, and private discussion groups on their phone.

Tech Tools Chris Uses

A power user not only of AI and LifterLMS but also other technology, Chris runs his site on:

  • WordPress
  • LifterLMS
  • BuddyBoss, for social community and mobile app
  • BetterDocs, for a knowledge base
  • SureMembers to manage memberships, protect content, automate recurring payments
  • SureTriggers to integrate apps
  • SureCart e-commerce check-out, with:
    • SureMembers to manage memberships, protect content, automate recurring payments
    • SureTriggers to integrate apps
  • WP Mail SMTP
  • AIO Migration for backup and staging
  • PrestoPlayer for video
  • CDN for videos

Chris shares two other excellent AI tools he likes to use. AI Engine by Meow helps generate content, images, and AI templates, create a ChatGPT-style chatbot, as well as other functions, all from within the WordPress backend. He also makes use of Adobe’s in-app AI features, which are improving all the time.

Learn AI Groups

Connect to Succeed

Looking ahead, Chris hopes to grow Learn AI Now to accommodate entire school districts, and even expand beyond the educational arena to companies. He also develops AI and LifterLMS driven sites for other companies such as Dental Whale via his agency, Fast Web Creations.

And while he may be a huge fan of AI and what it help us accomplish, he emphasizes that ultimately success hinges on human interaction and learning from one another.

We have published a podcast episode with Chris Lassiter on LMScast. You can learn a lot more in detail about “Build a Mobile App For Your LifterLMS Powered Website with AI Educator Chris Lassiter” from this podcast-