Automate Employee and Customer Training

The easiest way to save time and money by documenting your business processes, onboarding and FAQ’s into your very own company training portal.

LifterLMS Solution for Companies

Boost Productivity

Train your team and community for maximum profit

Close Skill Gaps

Create a smarter company with online training

Increase Retention

Keep employees and customers longer

Capture Value

Curate company wisdom into a learning platform

Reduce Admin

Minimize repetitive training needs with elearning

Automated Sales Team & Customer Training

“I use LifterLMS primarily to train my certified partner sales team and train my customers on how to get the most value out of our software as quickly as possible. Using a learning management system in this way has saved me thousands of hours and allowed me to run my business more profitably with a smaller team.”

Adrian Tobey
Software Company CEO

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