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Sell Classes in Bulk to Groups

Using the power of “Horizontal Marketing” is a great way to unlock a new market while also and selling classes in bulk to groups like:

  • Businesses
  • Schools
  • Organizations
  • Any kind of group you can think of

Offer your courses and memberships to groups with additional group management features and a new group leader role.

With LifterLMS Groups you will be able to:

  • Sell courses and memberships to a group buyer
  • Have a group leader invite, enroll, and manage group users into the seats
  • Have a group leader view progress and reporting for only their users

LifterLMS Groups allows you to offer your courses and memberships at scale into corporations, small businesses, organizations, schools, families, and any other group type you can think of.

Getting Started with LifterLMS Groups

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This add-on is part of our Infinity Bundle. With Infinity, you’ll get all of our add-ons, a weekly mastermind coaching session, and unlimited support for unlimited sites.

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“The LifterLMS team is just brilliant”Bob Askew, Health Education Entrepreneur

The initial phase one release contains group management and leadership features. The phase 2 development and release cycle will include the automated ecommerce features where a group buyer can purchase for a group through the conversion optimized LifterLMS ecommerce and checkout system.

Use the groups creation and management features with the phase 1 roll out of LifterLMS Groups. But keep in mind phase 1 does not include the automated group checkout experience. That means with phase 1 you need to negotiate the price, number of seats, and collect the money from a group buyer through a different system like an invoice, check, or some digital commerce system.

LifterLMS Groups Add-On Details

Add-On Details

Add-On Requirements

  • LifterLMS Version: 3.37.1+
  • WordPress Version: 5.2.3+
  • PHP Version: 7.2+

30-Day Customer Success Bonus

Your purchase includes 30 days of access to weekly Liftoff Sessions with a LifterLMS product specialist. These are live online group support meetings to help you get your online learning project launched and get your specific questions answered live. Liftoff Sessions include screen-sharing, chat, and live Q&A.

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