Shaun James

Shaun James

Teacher, PTU

"So, I have been using LIfterLMS for a couple of weeks now, and I'd like to lend my feedback for anyone who is considering purchasing the Universe Bundle.

The team at LifterLMS has absolutely KILLED the LMS Game. I mean seriously, I am not even kidding. I have been in Tech for 25+ years, I have been a developer, and I am a what some refer to as an icon in the 'Cyber Security Game,' or at least my 35K YouTube subscribers say.  🙂

I am coming from Thinkific, and I was impressed enough with LifterLMS that I bought the $299 bundle, and am switching my 500+ students mid-stream (I know, I'm brave...).

The product is great, the team is great, and it works as advertised. The only small issues I had with it, were due my lack of knowledge, to no fault of LifterLMS, because 99% of the time, they had already covered it in depth, and I just hadn't asked the right questions yet. Can you believe they offer the core for FREE? Me either.

Support is up front, unlike most other LMS providers. For instance: "Hey can we make this feature happen?" Them: "It's something that we are thinking about, but it's nowhere near on the roadmap to even beta." -- You see, I appreciate that kind of brutal honesty, unlike my experience at other online course software companies.

I just want to say thank you to Chris Badgett and Thomas Levy, and the rest of you guys and gals for making a great product for an affordable price, with a great team and mission behind it that I don't mind supporting. For years I have been an open source guy, and you guys bring the best core principles of the open source to the round table of a paid upsell, with no BS, no empty promises, and no lies. Just 100% American ingenuity. Personally, as financially wise as I am, I'd have paid double for this.

My only regret is that I wish I found you guys sooner.

Thank You!"

"LifterLMS is so incredibly easy to set up and is a blessing to startups on a slim budget because you can start "free" then work your way up to the great features LifterLMS has as you grow.

Being able to integrate with things like WooCommerce and Stripe are integral so you can streamline a shop of goods in WooCommerce with your paid (and free) online classes created in LifterLMS. As an educator trained in using Blackboard, I'd put LifterLMS into the Universities instead if I could!

Great features, amazing customer service (I should say customer interactivity, as they ask customers what THEY want and then PROVIDE). Love the product and recommend it to anyone, newbie or not. "


Stacy Braiuca

Entrepreneur & Educator, social2health, LLC


Anita van Rooyen

Confidence Coach, Dance Confidence NOW

"I'm LOVING LifterLMS!

Talk about the complete package. The free version is amazing as it is, let alone the add-on options that are available.

Simple to use and contains everything that you need in one package."

"Months ago having a class online was a dream for us at the DreamSmart Academy. After extensive research into a platform that was innovative, cost effective, and easy to use, we selected LifterLMS.

The Lifter team and its product suite has made our dream of creating, managing and distributing our online courses a reality. LifterLMS has great support network; the Lifter platform continues to be innovative as the team customizes the platform with the latest tools for online course development and student engagement.

Proud to be part of the LifterLMS community ..."


Jeff Morris

President & Chief DreamMaker, DreamSmart Academy

Andrew Palmer

Andrew Palmer


"I have been using LifterLMS for just under 7 months on our learning platform and to be honest, we just use it straight out of the box. Its simple to use, the students love the way it displays lessons in a linear way and once a lesson is complete they just move onto the next one. Nothing could be easier for them or me. We have invested in the premium model and have absolutely no regrets.

I am also looking forward to utilizing all the new things that seem to come along daily. It just goes to show that if you buy premium versions this give the developers the means and (the will) to continue developing a great product."

"As an entrepreneur working in the new digital economy I realize that my reach as an individual can only go so far. I wanted to impact more peoples lives and reach a broader audience. I determined that in order to deliver tremendous value to a much bigger audience I would need to leverage the power of online education. I decided I needed to create a Membership website that could deliver my message to the world so I went looking for a platform on which to do this and came across LifterLMS. I am glad I did.

I have been using LifterLMS for just under a month now and have found it to be a powerful ally in my quest. Not only did it solve my online education needs it provided a complete membership capability on top of this. Chris and the team at LifterLMS have been great and truly have their customers at heart. Their support and encouragement has been tremendous. The LifterLMS team are constantly refining the product based on customer feedback. All in all it has been a great experience for me and I can thoroughly recommend this product to anyone who is looking to deliver a great online education experience to their audience."


Grant Cause

Professional Life Liver, Grant's Inner Circle


Mr. Shez Naziry

"Your product is the cornerstone for my website. Without you guys, I don't have a website to begin with.

I hope that you have continued success as I want to build upon what you have provided for a long time to come."

"I think LifterLMS is the best course creation plugin right now, and to top it off its available for free.

I have been using it for sometime and I am so happy with it. I can't recommend it enough. Thank you Chris for the amazing plugin. Lifter rocks."


Abdul Rehman

Owner, Passion Blogger


Mike Hayes

Expert On Demand Gig Economy Marketplaces, Side Gig School

"This is great and free to start. I have reviewed the other teaching platforms.

I found LifterLMS to be the most interactive with teachers who are launching a new course like the one that I am creating about the On Demand Gig Economy over at"

"It's a great platform. Easy to use. I think Chris is probably one of the most under-rated people I know for all the hard and tireless work he does. Can't thank him enough.
However I would love it if the home page had a tutorial on how to customize that. A little too much white space for my liking. Great system though."


Michael Wiley

Owner, Appogee


Jorge Barrero

Director, Cámara Venezolana de Comercio Electrónico - CAVECOM-e

"Service and a good product is what you would expect from a plugin like LifterLMS. I am still testing LMS plugins, but I requested to Chris some information about how to mimic a specific website design, and he recommended me a different plugin that I did not know about.

Not everyone is willing to help honestly and that, to me reflects the service policy."

"The experience has been great. All those features and adjustments, yet it's so easy to use.

The support reply is also very quick.

And another thing that I've noticed is the commitment you seem to have to improve your products. That means a lot to me.

Thank you for all your work on LifterLMS!"


Sofia Morgado


Ariel 2

Ariel Z. Benjamin, Esq.

New Phase Innovations

"LifterLMS is the most impressive Learning Management Systems I've ever worked with (and I've tried them all). It is free though it provides features otherwise only available in expensive LMS's. Users can create their own WordPress templates or purchase already-made templates that work seamlessly with LifterLMS (either from LifterLMS or other vendors).

They also offer a variety of other useful paid services and plugins. We recently implemented the no-cost version of LifterLMS for a startup learning site. The installation was easy, the setup intuitive, and the management effective.

At one point during our setup we noticed that there was a feature we thought would be useful, but which was missing from the tool (nested shortcodes). We reached out to LifterLMS by posting a question. They answered us quickly and within a few days the feature was implemented. The guys at LifterLMS are arguably singlehandedly doing more for making online education offerings universally accessible than anyone else.

There may be other LMS out there (free and paid), but they pale in comparison to LifterLMS."