Make Money Promoting the LifterLMS WordPress LMS Plugin

Earn a 25% commission on every sale you generate.

It’s really that easy. We will pay you a 25% commission on every sale you generate using your affiliate referral URL! It’s as easy as signing up and promoting the program through email, on your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter or other social networks.

Why Promote LifterLMS?

LifterLMS is the best WordPress LMS plugin in the market. We allow you to create, sell, and protect engaging online courses without having to string together a “frankenstein” of plugins. Think of LifterLMS as offering way more than a traditional membership site.

We are committed to disrupting education with LifterLMS, and will be around for a very long time. LifterLMS offers the best support in the market. In short, this is the best solution for building a website to sell and manage online courses (also known as a learning management system).

Last but not least, you earn 25% of every sale which can be in the range of $30 – $300 per sale.

Below are some examples of the commission structure:

  • For a LifterLMS Add-on that sells for $120 – you earn $30
  • LifterLMS Universe Bundle personal plan sells for $360 – you earn $90
  • LifterLMS Infinity Bundle personal annual plan sells for $1200 – you earn $300

Affiliates are our partners, and we want them to make money. Our top affiliates are earning thousands per month.

Ready to make money with LifterLMS?

The first thing you need to do is join our affiliate program on ShareASale.

We manually review and approve all affiliates, so it can take up to 48 hours before you get approved.

Once you are part of our VIP affiliate program, you need to log in to your ShareASale account.

Click on the top menu Links » Get a Link / Banner

Premium WordPress Plugin Affiliate Programs _ LifterLMS ShareASale

Scroll down to find LifterLMS (codeBOX) and then click on the Get Links link.


You will be taken to the page where you see your affiliate link along with different banners and even videos.

WordPress LMS affiliate program with LifterLMS

Under the actions tab, click on Get HTML Code. The box will expand and show your affiliate link. It will look something like this:

Alternatively, you can click on the Banners tab and see all the different banners that you can use. Simply click on the banner to see the code you can use to display it on your site. Also check out the videos tab.

That’s it – you can start promoting LifterLMS and make money.

We thank you for choosing LifterLMS’s affiliate program. If you have any questions, then please don’t hesitate to contact us directly at [email protected]