What is LifterLMS?


Health and Fitness Experts

  • “The team has been incredibly helpful and accessible with all my inquiries. I’ve really appreciated the responsiveness of their support team.

    There are a few features I’m still anxiously anticipating in future releases, but overall, my experience with LifterLMS has been fantastic.

    I’m looking forward to working with them for the foreseeable future.”

  • “LifterLMS is a fantastic, easy to use weapon to make excellent online courses. Also the support from the team is very fast.”

  • “I could not be happier with LifterLMS. The plugin is intuitive to use and very flexible. The team at LifterLMS is constantly innovating and upgrading the plugin, and the support is very responsive. Considering that the base plugin is free, that’s amazing. Best of all – I love that the mission of LifterLMS is focused on the small or solo business person. I feel very cared for and about.”

  • “My experience with some companies are that they are faceless and only want your money after which there’s not a lot of care. With LifterLMS it’s almost like family. They are really amazing with their feedback, care, and support.”

Business, Marketing or Leadership Course Creators

  • “I’ve tried dozens of LMS plugins; everything other than LifterLMS suffers from either prohibitive student user-unfriendliness or clunky course-creation processes in the admin.

    LifterLMS doesn’t have bloat, or awkwardness, or a ‘weird’ UI. There are some features I’d like to see added, such as more question-type options, but I can honestly say, in the only perspective that really matters… ‘will people actually be able to use it’… LifterLMS gets my top recommendation in the space.”

  • “LifterLMS has a clean, intuitive interface that was easy to set up. I host my Twitter Class on it, and it was much easier putting it together than working with other eLearning software, and I love that I have it on my already existing site. Chris also has a blog, YouTube channel, and Facebook group that I follow closely so I can get the most use out of the plugin. I give them an A+ on ease of use and A++ on service.”

  • “Before using LifterLMS, my site used an eLearning theme. I use a theme over plugins because of the flexibility to customize, because I’m not a programmer. But adopting LifterLMS is as easy as using a theme to customize my site to have the user experience like the old one and with even better functions. I recommend others to use LifterLMS especially for beginners in online learning. Expert users also will benefit from the completeness and flexibility of its features.”

WordPress or Other Technologists

  • “WP101 serves more than 25,000 members, so it’s no small challenge to migrate to a new membership plugin. Thankfully, we benefited from the trusted advice of our good friend and long-time coach, Chris Lema. Together, we spent more than a year carefully evaluating the many options available today.

    So we were absolutely thrilled to have finally discovered LifterLMS, a powerful (and free) learning management plugin for WordPress. Not only was it the first plugin that checked all the boxes for our needs, but it also quickly became apparent that the creators truly share our passion for online education.

    In particular, we really resonated with their focus on restoring human interaction to online learning, something that is conspicuously absent from most online courses today.”

  • “We’re so far very happy with LifterLMS, being the coders that we are ourselves we did make some changes that we contributed back, and the LifterLMS team was quick to approve and merge those. Open source as open source should be, we love it!”

  • “I love how LifterLMS provides a comprehensive yet very user-friendly way of generating online courses. From course and content organization, through simplified student payment and enrollment, to methods of engaging and encouraging your students, LifterLMS has you covered. The team genuinely wants you to succeed, creating a better learning audience for the world! I would highly recommend LifterLMS to anyone interested in online course creation.”

Corporate Training or Organizational Development Professionals

  • “After using several other LMS platforms, we settled on LifterLMS. It’s relatively easy to use and reliable, with helpful video tutorials. The tutorials ‘eat their own dog food,’ using LifterLMS for presentation. We’ve been impressed by the timely, active updates to the platform, and look forward to future enhancements.”

Real Estate Trainers

  • “Thanks to LifterLMS, my partner and I were able to bootstrap an educational site for a state required community association manager course and start turning a profit within 2 weeks of launch!”

Instructional Designers and eLearning Consultants

  • “Building a great eLearning site was driving me crazy, but I finally found what I was looking for. LifterLMS puts everything in one place, seamlessly. Could have been up and running had I found this a year ago.”

Music and Art Teachers

  • “We love to work with LifterLMS. It is easy to use, as well for the course creator as the end user. LifterLMS made creating courses online a pleasure.”

  • “I have been thinking about offering classes online for years. I bought a LMS system about a year ago, never did anything with it and needed to make an annual payment. I decided to see what was out there. I found LifterLMS and after creating a simple outline and filling in the items in the outline with a WordPress post, I had a working course. Just like that!

    I was experimenting with a weekly live webinar and impulsively announced that I was creating a course. In days I had my 15 test subjects. I had so much interest I offered a pre-registration at a reduced price. I officially had a 5-figure launch, just barely 5-figures, but 5-figures! Today I am filming video and polishing the course for release in the fall.

    Thank you LifterLMS for making it simple and familiar. If you can create a WordPress post, you can create an online course.”

Education Entrepreneurs in Interesting Niches

  • “I did a lot of research before choosing a learning management system and found that all of my favorite gurus were using LifterLMS. Most of them are far more tech oriented than me, so I was afraid that it would be too daunting a task. I had more than 20 years’ worth of training documents covering 50 classes, so I thought it would take me many months to flesh out our course.

    In under 3 days all of the classes were complete, including engagements, emails, badges, and even some of the little videos we made to congratulate students for passing each of the 5 levels. I only had 2 issues during setup. One was that I had too many tabs open in the platform while editing, which caused some saving errors. The other was in my Stripe integration, but LifterLMS staff were very quick to respond and helped me resolve the issue.

    My course works while I sleep now. I have over 200 students since launching 3 months ago. None of them have reported any hiccups in the system. If I can build an online course using LifterLMS, then anyone can.”

  • “LifterLMS was getting ready to launch as I was looking for an LMS and payment gateway for my website. I’d used other gateways before, but LifterLMS is so much simpler and easier. I’ve also found the support to be very knowledgeable and eager to help. I’m very happy with LifterLMS and will be staying with them.”

  • “Great work. Just dabbling with it for now.”

  • “LifterLMS is wonderful! In my opinion way better than all the other LMS programs I’ve bought and tried. It’s stable and doesn’t break down. In the setup phase I had some small problems, which were handled amazingly fast! I have 5 courses, and they are all around 200 pages A4 long. Now my students can still download the PDFs, but they also have the opportunity to study only with progress bar, quizzes, and everything. It’s easy to set up. I love it.”

  • “I was searching for a way to create my courses and I found LifterLMS. Just can’t believe how easy it is to create great courses…and it’s free!

    I never created any courses before and I started with zero knowledge of how to build courses with LifterLMS. Just using the free demo, I’ve been able to figure it out.

    I only have very good words for LifterLMS and all the people behind this company to make it available to us for free!”

  • “My search for a LMS that was easy to use, and which had all the excellent features I desired was indeed very frustrating, but Lifter LMS made it worthwhile. My search ended when I found it!”

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