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Engage Your Students

LifterLMS has a keen focus on engagement and helping you create courses that students enjoy and actually complete.

Make Money

LifterLMS helps you build a strong income generating teaching business or membership site.

Create Courses

LifterLMS helps online course creators convert their expertise & life experiences into income by creating impactful courses.

Offer Memberships

LifterLMS is a complete membership solution and so much more.

Protect Your Content

LifterLMS allows you to lock down your content to the people who are supposed to be able to see it at exactly the right time.

Manage Your Platform

It's wild how with LifterLMS you can manage and control your own online school from a simple WordPress website.

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Get all the tools made by LifterLMS to increase sales, leads, and engagement in your online course or membership site.

For Health and Fitness Experts

Michelle Winchell, ND, LAc

Michelle Winchell, ND, LAc

Naturopathic Physician, Licensed Acupuncturist, and Certified Chinese Herbalist, Earth Friendly Medicine

“The team has been incredibly helpful and accessible with all my inquiries. I’ve really appreciated the responsiveness of their support team.

I’m looking forward to working with them for the foreseeable future.”

“I could not be happier with LifterLMS. The plugin is intuitive to use and very flexible. The team at LifterLMS is constantly innovating and upgrading the plugin, and the support is very responsive. Considering that the base plugin is free, that’s amazing. Best of all – I love that the mission of LifterLMS is focused on the small or solo business person. I feel very cared for and about.”

Janet Kennedy

Janet Kennedy

President and Podcast Host, Get Social Health Academy

For Business, Marketing, and Leadership Professionals

Phil Wilson

Phil Willson

Managing Principal, Ninjology LLC

“I’ve tried dozens of LMS plugins; everything other than LifterLMS suffers from either prohibitive student user-unfriendliness or clunky course-creation processes in the admin.

LifterLMS doesn’t have bloat, or awkwardness, or a ‘weird’ UI. There are some features I’d like to see added, such as more question-type options, but I can honestly say, in the only perspective that really matters… ‘will people actually be able to use it’… LifterLMS gets my top recommendation in the space.”

“LifterLMS has a clean, intuitive interface that was easy to set up. I host my Twitter Class on it, and it was much easier putting it together than working with other eLearning software, and I love that I have it on my already existing site. Chris also has a blog, YouTube channel, and Facebook group that I follow closely so I can get the most use out of the plugin. I give them an A+ on ease of use and A++ on service.”

Jasmine Powers

Jasmine Powers

Founder + CMO, Twitter Class

For Technologists and Coders

Shawn Hesketh

Shawn Hesketh

Owner, WP101

“ serves more than 30,000 members, so it’s no small challenge to migrate to a new membership plugin. We spent more than a year carefully evaluating dozens of LMS and membership plugins before we finally discovered LifterLMS.

It was the only plugin that checked all the boxes for our needs. And the LifterLMS team also shares our passion for creating better online learning experiences. In particular, we deeply resonate with their goal of restoring the human touch to online learning—something that is absent from most online courses today.

“We’re so far very happy with LifterLMS, being the coders that we are ourselves we did make some changes that we contributed back, and the LifterLMS team was quick to approve and merge those. Open source as open source should be, we love it!”

Joost de Valk

Joost de Valk

Founder & CEO, Yoast

For Artists and Musicians


Miss Karin Merx

Online Arts Education

“We love to work with LifterLMS. It is easy to use, as well for the course creator as the end user. LifterLMS made creating courses online a pleasure.”

“I have been thinking about offering classes online for years. I bought a LMS system about a year ago, never did anything with it and needed to make an annual payment. I decided to see what was out there. I found LifterLMS and after creating a simple outline and filling in the items in the outline with a WordPress post, I had a working course. Just like that!

I was experimenting with a weekly live webinar and impulsively announced that I was creating a course. In days I had my 15 test subjects. I had so much interest I offered a pre-registration at a reduced price. I officially had a 5-figure launch, just barely 5-figures, but 5-figures! Today I am filming video and polishing the course for release in the fall.

Thank you LifterLMS for making it simple and familiar. If you can create a WordPress post, you can create an online course.”

Cindi Gay

Cindi Gay

Artist, Cindi Gay Rug Hooking

For Education Entrepreneurs

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Carole Baskin

CEO, Big Cat Rescue

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Introducing LifterLMS WooCommerce 2.0  

LifterLMS has always had integration capabilities with WooCommerce, but the all new LifterLMS WooCommerce 2.0 makes the best WordPress LMS and the most powerful WordPress ecommerce system even more powerful together. 

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Top 10 Reasons People Like You Choose LifterLMS

Over and over again people share why they choose
LifterLMS for their online course or membership site:

I can't believe how much LifterLMS listens to what I have to say when I give feedback or request features. They also often check in to get my opinion on things. I don't know how they do it for as big as they are and how fast they are growing. They just must care ... a lot.

I can't believe how fast LifterLMS evolves based on the needs of the modern course creator and membership site builder. This is so refreshing compared to the clunky slow moving alternatives out there.

I'm so happy I switched from another LMS, membership, or course system because LifterLMS gives me so much more freedom, value for my money, control, platform ownership, and superior features.

The support LifterLMS provides is like nothing I've ever seen before with software tools. The lengths the support team goes to help support me and the live Office Hours is so refreshing in a world of the average customer support experience.

The community around LifterLMS is clearly helpful, sensitive, and of above average intelligence. I finally found a education entrepreneur community that gets me.

With LifterLMS as an all-in-one solution I can finally stop stringing together all these different products made by different companies that don't always work well together. No separate third party membership, ecommerce, or gamification tools are required!

It's obvious this software is made by course creators and membership site builders. It's like LifterLMS knows what I need next before I do.

I chose LifterLMS for the flexibility and scalability. I can easily validate my course or membership idea through pre-selling, then launch one course, launch more courses, add a membership, add coaching, add community, build a multi-instructor online school, and much, much more.

It's like LifterLMS cares about my students' results and completion rates as much or even more than I do.

LifterLMS just works. I dropped in my course content and had my first course up for sale very quickly.

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