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Your WordPress LMS Choice Will Make or Break Your Project

If you choose the wrong tools to build your WordPress LMS website … you could end up with an underpowered, inflexible, buggy “Software Frankenstein” hot mess of a website.

Learn the simple 5 questions you can ask to evaluate the best tools for your project.

These questions will help you make sure you don’t accidentally damage your reputation and decrease your odds of success by choosing the wrong software company to support your LMS website goals and dreams.

Choosing the Best WordPress LMS Plugin

3 Core Benefits To Asking the Right Questions


When we ask the right questions, our options narrow, and speed to decision accelerates


We should be asking questions about more than just features and functional requirements to win


The right questions help us protect & increase our confidence because this tech is critical to our goals

There are 5 key questions to ask in order to choose the best WordPress LMS software for you. If you ask the key 5 questions in the WordPress LMS buyers guide, you’ll be able to decide on your technology in days not months… Click the button below to get the buyer’s guide  and the 5 questions inside.

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Hey. I’m Chris Badgett. As a WordPress agency owner focused on online courses, membership sites, and LMS’s since 2011 – I’ve seen more LMS, courseware, and membership tools than I can count.

As a course creator myself in niches ranging from technology to gardening to cooking – I have personally spent tons of time (too much) researching the best tools to build a modern learning management system website with WordPress.

Let’s just say this, when you know the right questions to ask, it’s not hard to choose the best WordPress LMS.