Support Benefits of LifterLMS Powerpack

  • Priority “front of the line” support from our team so your LifterLMS requests are addressed fast, usually within 12 business hours
  • Deeper levels of assistance from the team at LifterLMS where we log into your staging environment and help isolate and solve your issue

Exclusive Promotions Access with LifterLMS Powerpack

  • LifterLMS Powerpack Members get access to deals, promotions and discounts on products and services that the general public cannot get

Graphic Design Benefits of LifterLMS Powerpack

  • Achievement badge graphics packs so you can add gamification to your courses
  • 16 additional certificate backgrounds to match your style
  • 18 notification icons so you can gamify your platform even further in alignment with your style
  • The original graphic design files so you or your graphic designer can build make changes or add new to the set

LifterLMS Badges for Pro

LifterLMS Certificate Backgrounds for Pro

Bonus Graphic Design Asset

  • Would you like to have a homepage that looks just like the LifterLMS demo homepage along with demo content for that page? If you choose to use the Beaver Builder page building plugin (sold and supported separately) along with the LifterLMS LaunchPad theme, we’ve added our Beaver Builder homepage template to the LifterLMS Powerpack!

Access to Beginner’s Guide to Building Successful Online Courses

Here’s What People Say About LifterLMS Powerpack

“I LOVE YOU GUYS. Seriously. BEST SUPPORT EVER.” ~ Stephanie L.

“I’m so glad I voted with my dollars for this product and the company itself! :)” ~ Stacy S.

“I appreciate you sticking with me while I learn my way through this process!” ~ Jerilyn K.

“LifterLMS is an outstanding LMS Plug-in that provides ease of use, scalability, intuitive developer tools, & outstanding customer support. Looking for the right LMS Plugin to launch your e-learning platform with Word Press? Look no further because LifterLMS is created by people who are passionate about e-learning and effective online learning. It is a very rare find to find a group who are well versed in the universe of adult learning and provide amazing code to boot.” ~ Rich Dixon

One More Thing …

* If you would like to get this product now and maybe upgrade to the Universe Bundle later, we will prorate the status of your existing purchases for your upgrade. Simply contact us here later when you’re ready to upgrade.


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