LifterLMS is an All-In-One Solution

It's time to stop stringing together separate software tools into a "Software Frankenstein" to get all the functionality you need. LifterLMS is the all-in-one solution many online course creators, teachers and entrepreneurs like you have been looking for.

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Many members of the LifterLMS community report relief once they discover and start using LifterLMS. After so much research and time looking for the best tools for teaching online, they can finally relax.

Some tell us how much they regret not finding LifterLMS sooner after switching from some over-priced, poorly supported or limited alternative.

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What Makes LifterLMS So Special?

"LifterLMS combines courseware, ecommerce, marketing automation, and membership site protection. For many, these features are often strung together with expensive third party products. LifterLMS rolls the ideal solution up into one elegant solution.

It's surprisingly simple to use, powerful for creating learning environments that students actually complete, and extendable so technology is never the constraint for creativity.

LifterLMS gives online course builders, entrepreneurs and teachers complete control over the wild west that is internet based learning."


~ Chris Badgett, Online Course Teacher & Entrepreneur


Learn about some of the features that make LifterLMS so awesome


Customize Content

Create custom sidebars for your course or membership level



Award badges based on lesson and course completion



Easily create and manage member levels


Student Profiles

Students never login to the WordPress backend



Track orders, issue refunds, and more


Simple Interface

Create your course and start selling in minutes


Drip Content

Drip content in a cadence that makes sense for your course



Create promotions for your courses


Mobile Responsive

Elearning never looked so good on mobile

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