The Checkout Page

What is the Checkout Page?

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The Checkout Page is the page users are redirected to when they wish to purchase a course or membership via a LifterLMS Access Plan.

Students can login, register, apply coupons, and purchase access plans all on this page.

LifterLMS Purchase Page

LifterLMS Purchase Page Manual Payment


Configuring the Checkout Page

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This page can be configured to be any WordPress page but it must not be the same page as the Course Catalog, Membership Catalog, or Student Dashboard Page. To select a page, head to the Checkout tab of the LifterLMS > Settings screen on your site’s WordPress admin panel.

This page must contain the shortcode [lifterlms_checkout].

You can also edit the checkout page form by navigating to LifterLMS > Forms > Billing Information

Adding Content

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Due to the dynamic nature of this page, adding content above or below the required shortcode will not always work as anticipated. If you wish to add custom text before or after the shortcode, refer to a these actions which can help you out.

Free Access Plans

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Since LifterLMS 3.3.2, free access plans have an alternate free checkout experience which is designed to feel less like an e-commerce transaction since no money is being exchanged.

For more information please see Checkout for Free Access Plans.


Guest Checkout

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LifterLMS does not have guest checkout and you cannot enroll a student in a course without that student having an account. For more information please see this FAQ: How can I create a free course which does not require registration?


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