How do I link into LifterLMS checkout flow from a buy button on a landing page not made with LifterLMS?

Every LifterLMS access plan has it’s own “purchase link”.

LifterLMS Purchase Link


Note: you will need to hover over the title of the access plan to get the purchase link for that access plan to appear.

Getting your purchase link

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When you click on the purchase link for a specific access plan for a course or membership, it will take you to the checkout with that access plan in the checkout.

Your purchase link when clicked will look similar to this:

LifterLMS Purchase Page

Note: Because you are logged in, it’s best to view this page in an incognito browser or private browser to see what it will look like for un-enrolled logged out visitors.

Next copy and paste the purchase link from your browser like this


Purchase Page Link

Use your Purchase Link

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Noe that you have your purchase link, you can use it anywhere on your website OR anywhere else on the internet.

It could be a standard text link, behind a button, or some kind of image link

Other places on the internet you might use it are:

  • Another website
  • A landing page software
  • Social media
  • Email
  • Text messages
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