What is an Access Plan?

Access Plans Overview

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LifterLMS Access Plans are new in LifterLMS 3.0.

Access plans allow you to define a limitless number of possibilities for students and members to gain access to your courses and memberships.

You can create both one-time and recurring access plans and you can create expirations as well.

You can also create special pricing for members of specific memberships.

You may create up to 6 access plans for each course and membership.


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Access Plan Examples

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Want to see examples of access plans and pricing models you can use for your courses and memberships? Click here to see 10 examples.

FAQ: Why don't my access plans display on the frontend of the site?

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LifterLMS will only display access plans that can be fully processed by an installed and activated payment gateway. If there are no gateways that can support the type of access plan it simply will not display on the front end.

This is to prevent students from proceeding to checkout only to find that they can’t purchase the plan.

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