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In LifterLMS 3.3.2 “Free Checkout” was added which modifies the default checkout to feel less like an e-commerce transaction and more like an enrollment registration.

This improves the experience for students on sites where everything is free or members only free access plans are used.

Quick Enrollment When Logged In

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The checkout buttons on pricing tables for free access plans will automatically enroll logged in users into the course or membership.

They will not be redirected to the checkout page as with a paid access plan.

Instead, the page will reload and an enrollment message will be displayed.

On courses and memberships the Enrolled description will now be displayed instead of the non-enrolled description. Additionally, on a course, the pricing table will be replaced by the progress bar and “Continue” button that enrolled users would normally see.

Note: the Terms and Conditions will be bypassed in order to streamline the enrollment experience. If you legally require your Terms and Conditions to be agreed to for each enrollment individually you should disable this free checkout experience.

Enrollment Instead of Checkout

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Logged out users will be redirected to the checkout page with the following modifications:

  • The layout will always be a single column
  • “Billing Information” is replaced with “Student Information”
  • The “Order Summary” section is not displayed
  • “Payment Details” is replaced with “Enrollment Confirmation”
  • “Buy Now” is replaced with “Enroll Now”

Disabling Free Checkout

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By default, this free checkout is always on but if you’d prefer free access plans to function like paid access plans, you can do so by using the filter llms_has_free_checkout.

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