After a student signs up, how do they access the course or membership?

Student or Member Access

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After a user successfully completes a purchase, they are redirected to the enrolled view of the course or membership that they just purchased.

This is the best user experience for the student so that they can get started right away after purchase or enrollment (if it’s a free course or membership).

Courses and memberships have 2 views:

  1. The unenrolled view
  2. The enrolled view (course or membership home screen for current students)

The unenrolled view offers 4 different options.

  1. Display default course content.
  2. Show Custom Content
  3. Redirect to a WordPress Page
  4. Redirect to a Custom URL

This is how you can create custom course sales pages.

Using a custom sales page for your course is optional, and if you do not want to use a custom sales page you can use the ‘Show custom content’ option to present sales information to people who are not enrolled in your course.

Video Tutorial

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Definition of Terms

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Enrollment – Enrollment is where a user successfully gets access to a LifterLMS course or membership. Enrollment could happen on successful purchase via an access plan or through a free access plan. There are even third party solutions that can create enrollment from other tools. Users’s can also be enrolled manually or through a voucher code. Here is more information on student enrollment.

Registration – Registration is the act of becoming a user on the website. Registered users may or may not be enrolling at the moment of registration. If you have “open registration” enabled, you are allowing users to register on your site without enrolling in a course or membership at the same time. Another way to think about it is that registration is usually the point at which a new user enters at minimum their email address and creates their password.

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