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In LifterLMS, Enrollment is a concept used to determine a student’s relationship to a course or membership.

Enrollment is both a process and a status.

The status of enrollment determines whether or not a student can access course or membership content and the process of enrollment allows a student to gain access to that content.

The Process of Enrollment

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The process of Enrollment allows a visitor to register a new student account on your LifterLMS site and simultaneously gain access to a course or membership.

Existing students may also Enroll into courses and memberships. In this scenario a student only gains access to a course or membership.

In this way a single student account may enroll into an unlimited number of courses and / or memberships.

In order for students to enroll in your courses, you must create an Access Plan which will determine the cost of enrollment. Free Access Plans may also be created for enrollment purposes.

After a student selects the access plan of their choice they are directed to the checkout page where they can create a new account or use an existing account, enter payment information, and complete their enrollment into the course or membership.

Upon completion of checkout a new order is created which governs access to the course.

If the access plan is recurring, the student must make regular manual (or automatic, with most payment gateways) payments in order to retain access to the course.

If the access plan defines access expiration, the student’s access will be removed automatically.

Enrollment Statuses

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LifterLMS defines 3 explicit enrollment statuses:

  • Enrolled means that the student has access to the course or membership content.
  • Expired means that the student’s access to the course or membership has expired based on the access plans expiration settings or a recurring payment is due or failed.
  • Cancelled means that the student manually cancelled a subscription from their  dashboard.

A student with expired or cancelled access may resubscribe at anytime from the order on their account dashboard or they may re-enroll via a new access plan from the course or membership page.

There is also the ability to delete student enrollment, which removes the student from the Student Management list in the course or membership, and it removes the course or membership from the Student’s Dashboard. There is a guide for deleting student enrollment here.

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