Gravity Forms & Custom User Management Forms


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When using the Gravity Forms User Registration Add-on and LifterLMS Gravity Forms, you can replace the default LifterLMS forms (like checkout, registration, and account update) with custom Gravity Forms.

The forms which can be overridden are:

  • Checkout Registration Form, displayed to logged out students or visitors during checkout
  • Checkout Update Form: displayed to logged in students during checkout
  • Open Registration Form: displayed to logged out students or visitors when Open Registration is enabled
  • Account Update Form: displayed on the account update tab of the Student Dashboard

Creating a Custom User Management Form

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All forms utilized for user management must be created with a Gravity Forms User Registration Feed.

Registration forms must Create User and the update forms should Update User.

Confirmations, Notifications, Engagements

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Confirmations & Notifications

LifterLMS Gravity Forms will not interfere with Gravity Forms confirmations or notifications.


Any engagements attached to “User Registration” will still be triggered when a user registers using a LifterLMS Gravity Forms form.

Automatic Registration Login

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By default, when a user registers for a new account via Gravity Form with a User Registration feed they are not automatically logged in as they would be with a default LifterLMS registration form.

In your LifterLMS Gravity Forms settings you may choose to enable the “Login During Registration” option which will automatically log in new users when registering via a Gravity Form.

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