Getting Started with LifterLMS Engagements

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Types of Engagements

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There are three main types of engagements:  certificates, achievements and emails.

Engagements can be created by heading to Engagements in the LifterLMS Dashboard.

The first step in creating an engagement is creating the content for the engagement itself.  Please refer to certificates, achievements and emails for information specific to each topic.

After you create the content for your engagement, you will want to:

Add an engagement


Enter engagement information, and set your engagement triggers, remember to click “Publish” to save your engagement.

Available engagement triggers

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  • Student creates a new account
  • Student Purchases an Access Plan
  • Student enrolls in a course
  • Student purchases a course
  • Student completes a course
  • Student completes a lesson
  • Student completes a quiz
  • Student passes a quiz
  • Student fails a quiz
  • Student completes a section
  • Student completes a course track
  • Student enrolls in a membership
  • Student purchases a membership
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