How do I transition to LifterLMS from another LMS or membership system?

Why switch to LifterLMS

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There are many reasons people switch to LifterLMS. The most common are that they want:

  • A LMS and membership solution that just works
  • To get away from a “software Frankenstein” of tools made by different companies that don’t work well together
  • To own the platform, avoid expensive monthly fees, and leverage the design and functionality extendability that’s possible in WordPress

How to begin the transition

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The first step is to think about the current system as the “legacy” system and the new LifterLMS system as the “new” system.

Step one is to build the new system and set up the courses and memberships (if you’re using memberships) on the new system.

Transition Users

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After you have the courses, engagements & notifications, and all the features you want to use set up for your new system, the second step is to decide how you will deal with legacy users.

You have a couple of options here.

  • You can open the doors on the new system and maintain both platforms indefinately
  • You can open the doors on the new system and invite legacy users to the new system through vouchers or set them up in courses or memberships manually. You may also at this time announce an “end of life” timeline for the legacy platform
  • You can take down the legacy platform and replace it with the new platform on the same domain name while brining in legacy users via voucher code via email, setting them up manually, or working with a LifterLMS familiar developer to bring them in programmatically and assigning them to the correct courses and/or memberships in the new system.
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