In LifterLMS What is the Difference Between an Email Notification and an Email Engagement?

LifterLMS can send emails directly from your server via notifications and engagements.

In the broadest sense, notifications are global in nature, where as engagements are specific in nature. For example you can send a purchase receipt email notification to the customer automatically no matter what course or membership they purchase. However you could send a personalized email engagement with a specific message when someone purchases Course A on your website.

The following customizable Notification emails are available in LifterLMS:

  • Course Complete
  • Course Track Complete
  • Enrollment
  • Gateway: Manual – Payment Due
  • Lesson Complete
  • Payment Retry Scheduled
  • Purchase Receipt
  • Quiz Failed
  • Quiz Passed
  • Section Complete
  • Student Welcome

The following customizable Engagement email trigger points (triggering events) are available in LifterLMS for sending instant or delayed (drip content) personalized emails:

  • Student creates a new account
  • Student enrolls in a specific course
  • Student purchases a specific course
  • Student completes a specific course
  • Student completes a specific lesson
  • Student completes a specific quiz
  • Student passes a specific quiz
  • Student fails a specific quiz
  • Student completes a specific section
  • Student completes a specific course track
  • Student enrolls in a specific membership
  • Student purchases a specific membership
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