Lesson Weighting with LifterLMS


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Lesson Weight allows you to weigh a lesson containing a quiz when calculating the grade of the overall course in LifterLMS.

The Lesson Weight setting can be found in the Course Builder under Lesson Settings when that lesson contains a quiz. The points percentage is determined by the overall number of lessons.

For example if you have a course with three lessons, each lesson is 33% of the grade. Lessons that contain a quiz can be weighed heavier by adjusting the Lesson Weight setting. Adding another point to the lesson with the quiz will make that lesson weigh 50%of the overall course grade, while the other two lessons only weight 25% of the grade.

You are able to check the percentage of the Lesson Weight by hovering over the point input, until the pop up of the calculated percentage shows.

Lesson Weight with Assignments

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You can also set the weight of a lesson if it has an assignment attached to it as well through the same method as above.

Additionally, for lessons that have assignments and quizzes you are able to weigh them within the lesson.

If you have a quiz and an assignment in a lesson the weight of that lesson will be made up equally by both the assignment grade and the quiz grade. If you wanted the assignment to not count against the lesson grade you can set the assignment weight to 0 and have the quiz grade be the made weight of the lesson, and vice versa.

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