Getting Started with LifterLMS Assignments


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LifterLMS Assignments allows you to add assignments to a lesson in addition to or in lieu of a quiz.

With assignments you can:

  • Verify actions that students have taken
  • Give instructor feedback on action/assignment
  • Prevent forward progress until action is taken
  • Prevent forward progress until action is taken and graded

There are 3 types of assignments:

  • A task or task list that needs to be completed and checked off to complete the lesson
  • An upload requirement
  • A long answer requirement


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To use LifterLMS Assignments, you must first install the add-on dependency:

  1. Install and activate the LifterLMS core plugin.

After the LifterLMS core plugin is installed, you can install LifterLMS Assignments via the LifterLMS Helper.

You can also download LifterLMS Assignments from your account dashboard and manually install the add-on.

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