Getting Started with LifterLMS Authorize.Net


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LifterLMS Authorize.Net Payment Gateway is a plugin add-on for LifterLMS. To install this add-on, download your copy from your account page and then follow our plugin installation guide.

After installation, you’ll want to ensure you activate your license. This will ensure will be able to receive automatic updates for the add-on.

Authorize.Net Account Requirements

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In order to utilize LifterLMS Authorize.Net your account must have Customer Information Manager (CIM) enabled on your Authorize.Net account.

To enable CIM you can sign up on your account by following the steps outlined here.

In order to process refunds from with LifterLMS you must also enable the Transaction Details API. This can be enabled by following the steps outlined here.

Configuration & Settings

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To start accepting credit card payments, you’ll need to configure the LifterLMS Authorize.Net Payment Gateway settings. To get started with your settings, head to your WordPress admin panel and then to LifterLMS Settings and click the Checkout tab. Locate the “Authorize.Net” section under “Payment Gateways”

At a minimum, you’ll want to configure the following:

  • Enable / Disable: check this box to turn the payment gateway on
  • Live API Credentials or Sanbox API credentials and Authorize.Net Sanbox: API credentials allow your site to communicate with Authorize.Net and process credit card transactions 

Locating API Credentials

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If you’re testing Authorize.Net you may choose to use the Authorize.Net Sandbox. Otherwise, follow the steps below:

To locate your API credentials:

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. Navigate to Account -> Settings
    Authorize.Net Creds
  3. Click “API Credentials & Keys”
    Authorize.Net Creds
  4. On this screen you’ll want to gather your Login ID and Transaction Key. Make sure you copy these into the respective Live API Credentials fields on the LifterLMS Checkout Settings screen on your site.
    1. Login ID can be copied directly from this screen as depicted below
      Authorize.Net API Login ID
    2. The Transaction Key must be generated or regenerated
      1. Enter the answer to your security question
      2. Select “New Transaction Key” from the options
      3. Then click “Submit”
      4. On the next screen you can copy your transaction key. You will only ever see this one time. If you lose it you will need to perform these steps again to get a new one!
  5. Next return to the Account -> Settings screen and select “Manage Public Client Key”
  6. Copy your client key or generate a new one using the form.


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In Live mode, Authorize.Net requires API calls to be encrypted so you’ll need to have an SSL certificate installed on your server. For more information read our SSL and HTTPS guide.

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