How Do I Add My License Keys and Add-Ons to LifterLMS On My Website?

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Finding Your License Key

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To find your License Key for any LifterLMS product, head to There you’ll find ‘Active Licenses’ Area where you can see a long string that looks something like this:

Example License Key: l1M5-asdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdf

That’s the number you’ll want to copy so you can paste it in on your website:


LifterLMS License Key Inside My Account


Where does the license key go? - Locating the 'My License Keys' Area

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To find the area to enter your license key, head to wp-admin > LifterLMS > Add-ons & More


Once you click the ‘My License Keys‘ button, a dropdown will appear where you can remove any existing license keys or enter your new license key. If you’re entering a new license key, copy and paste in your key, then select ‘Add New

Add new license key LifterLMS WordPress admin page

Once your key is added in there, you’ll be good to go to install any add-ons right from the backend of your website on the same screen under wp-admin > LifterLMS > Add-ons & More. You’ll also have access to any updates the LifterLMS development team releases.

Activate Your Add-Ons

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Once your license key is activated, you can install and activate any LifterLMS add-on from the same screen.

Simply scroll down and click on “Install” and “Apply” then “Activate” and “Apply” for the premium add-ons you would like to have on your LifterLMS-powered website.

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