How Do I Add My License Keys to LifterLMS?

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Finding Your License Key

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To find your License Key for any LifterLMS product, head to There you’ll find ‘Active Licenses’ Area where you can see a long string that looks something like this:

Example License Key: l1M5-asdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdf

That’s the number you’ll want to copy so you can paste it in on your website:

Where does the license key go? - Locating the 'My License Keys' Area

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To find the area to enter your license key, head to wp-admin < LifterLMS < Add-ons and More

Once you click the ‘My License Keys‘ button, a dropdown will appear where you can remove any existing license keys or enter your new license key. If you’re entering a new license key, copy and paste in your key, then select ‘Add New

Once your key is added in there, you’ll be good to go to install any add-ons right from the backend of your website there under wp-admin < LifterLMS < Add-ons & More. You’ll also have access to any updates the LifterLMS development team releases.

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