Why Your Online Learning Business is Failing

Is your online learning business failing and you’re not sure why? Wether you call it a course, a membership, a coaching program, or an education company, there are 5 likely reasons your business is not working out.

Chris has been in the online course business for a decade. He’s been a course creator, a coach, an affiliate, a membership site building agency owner, and is the cofounder of the leading WordPress LMS software LifterLMS. In all this time he’s witnessed so many failures and successes that he’s identified patterns of what works and what doesn’t.

Perhaps you’re struggling with one of the online education business building challenges …

  • It’s frustrating trying to navigate all the skills, strategies, and technology required to be successful.
  • Embarrased that the project is moving forward way too slowly
  • Missing skills make the project chaotic and uncertain

When we fix the failure points, you get to experience…

  • The liberating feeling of focus with a clear path forward
  • Move faster and avoid costly mistakes with your new found clarity
  • Enjoy the satisfaction of wearing multiple hats or building a team to cover your deficiencies

The 5 key principles to failure proof your online learning business is to wear multiple hats (individually or as a team) with an honest assessment of where you stand with each hat.

1) Subject matter experience and expertise is a must. Without true expertise, there is no learning opportunity.

2) Being an expert and teaching or coaching are different things. Your ability as an instructional designer and human to human educator or coach is critical to helping others learn.

3) Online learning platforms and online businesses require a broad range of technology proficiency across a variety of software, hardware, and apps.

4) Building community before and after enrollment is a critical modern skill. Learning is a human to human business and often happens most effectively in groups.

5) Building an online business requires the skills of the entrepreneur including everything from business formation, marketing, selling, operations, and innovation. Education entrepreneurs build companies, not just learning products

When Chris looked across some of his top performing customers at LifterLMS like Angela Brown, Ziv Raviv, and Melissa Love he noticed they all figured out how to wear all 5 of these hats, improve their skills in all these areas, and delegate wherever possible.

As the world becomes more complex, it becomes even more important to work in groups. Build your team! Don’t doo everything solo forever. Hire an assistant as soon as you can afford one.

Hire a WordPress and LifterLMS expert. Consider delegating some of the other hats too.