How do I use LifterLMS in a language other than English?


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LifterLMS is fully translatable so that you can easily utilize LifterLMS in the language of your choice.

There are many different ways to translate LifterLMS and a translation of LifterLMS may already exist in your language.

You may:

Using Community-Contributed Translation Files

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LifterLMS works with translators who have contributed their translations for anyone to use.

You can find the status of your language’s translations here at GlotPress.

Any language with 90% or higher completion will automatically be loaded on your site when you’ve selected that as your site’s locale. These files will automatically be downloaded and updated during WordPress and LifterLMS plugin updates.

If you’d like to use translations from languages with 89% or lower, you can follow the instructions here to export the translations and load them on your site.

If you’re interested in contributing translations, please read How can I Contribute? below.

Creating Your Own Language Files

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You can create your own language files by using PoEdit, a program that allows you to easily create the translation need to load LifterLMS in your language.

You will need a copy of the LifterLMS .pot file to use a base for your translations. This file can be found in your LifterLMS plugin at wp-content/plugins/lifterlms/languages/lifterlms.pot. Or you can download the latest version here (right click and select “Save Link As” to download).

Once you’ve created your translation file, you can follow this tutorial to load it.

Translating LifterLMS Add-Ons and Themes

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LifterLMS Add-ons and themes can also be translated using the same methods described above.

You can check on the status of existing translations and download the language packs at

For more details on translating a specific add-ons, see our add-on guides and tutorials and look for the add-on of your choosing.

How can I Contribute?

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If you’re interested in contributing translations to LifterLMS or any LifterLMS Add-ons we’d love to work with you. Please read our translation contributor’s guide to get started.

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