How do I customize the text of LifterLMS buttons (and more)?

LifterLMS is fully translatable but what most people don’t know is that you can use translations to customize text for your own language.

If you’re looking to change “Mark Complete” to simply “Complete” or if you want to change “Next Lesson” into “Next Project” you can easily accomplish this with a translation file. However, translation files can feel overly complex and require a great deal of effort. The amount of work required (and learning necessary) to change the text of one button can feel overwhelming.

However, there’s a great free plugin, Loco Translate, which provides you with a simple interface for managing translations via the WordPress admin panel.

Here’s a short demo on how to customize LifterLMS text using Loco Translate:

Download Loco Translate at

Find out more about WordPress translation at

Find out more about LifterLMS translation at

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