How do I customize the text of LifterLMS?


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At LifterLMS, we take pride in our platform’s flexibility in creating a tailored learning experience.

This detailed guide is here to walk you through advanced translation options, making it possible for you to customize text in your preferred language or for your own unique personalization.

Let’s take a closer look at two powerful tools: TranslatePress and Poedit.

Required Translation Tools

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TranslatePress – Multilingual Translation Plugin

TranslatePress is a free plugin that offers a user-friendly interface directly within the WordPress admin panel. This plugin minimizes the complexities of editing translation files directly.

🔗 Download TranslatePress

Poedit – Free Translation Editor

Another powerful tool in your translation arsenal is Poedit. Poedit is a free, standalone application for editing translation files. Poedit supports WordPress plugins like LifterLMS. Use the editor’s intuitive interface to make the translation process as straightforward as possible.

🔗 Download Poedit

Customizing Buttons, Labels, and more in LifterLMS

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LifterLMS is translation-ready, meaning that all of our frontend components are wrapped in such a way that your language pack can filter and replace text for buttons, form field labels, built-in navigation elements, and other actions.

This translation support can even do more than just change the frontend language. You can use these same methods to personalize phrases, too.

  • For example, some sites would like to change the frontend text “Mark Complete” to “Complete”.
  • Other sites may wish to transform “Next Lesson” into “Next Project”.

This is all possible through translations. Keep reading for a walkthrough tutorial video on how to safely and confidently translate text in LifterLMS.

Translating LifterLMS Text Using TranslatePress and PoEdit

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Using TranslatePress

Step 1: Install and Activate TranslatePress

  • Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard.
  • Navigate to “Plugins” > “Add New.”
  • Search for “TranslatePress.”
  • Install and activate the plugin.

Step 2: Configure TranslatePress

  • Go to “Settings” > “TranslatePress.”
  • Set your default language and choose target languages for translation.

Step 3: Translate LifterLMS Texts

  • Visit your LifterLMS pages on the front end.
  • Use the TranslatePress interface to hover over the text and click on the translation field.

Step 4: Customize Language Switcher

  • Adjust the language switcher appearance and position in “Settings” > “TranslatePress.”

Step 5: Clear Cache

  • Clear the cache if using a caching plugin to apply changes.


Using PoEdit

Step 1: Locate LifterLMS .PO File

  • Navigate to the “languages” folder in the LifterLMS plugin directory.
  • Find the .po file (e.g., lifterlms.pot).

Step 2: Download and Install PoEdit

  • Download PoEdit from
  • Install and open PoEdit.

Step 3: Open LifterLMS.PO File

  • Open the LifterLMS .po file in PoEdit.

Step 4: Translate Texts

  • Translate each string from the source language to the target language within PoEdit.

Step 5: Save.MO File

  • Save your work. PoEdit will generate a .mo file alongside the .po file.

Step 6: Upload to LifterLMS

  • Upload both the .po and .mo files back to the “languages” folder in the LifterLMS plugin directory.

Step 7: Check Translations

  • Visit your LifterLMS pages on the front end to ensure translations are applied.

These steps provide a comprehensive guide for changing LifterLMS text using TranslatePress and PoEdit.

Please Note: If you have added language files and perform updates, there is a possibility that they might be overwritten during the update process. To avoid any loss, we strongly recommend creating a backup of your language files before proceeding with updates. This way, if the update process overwrites your language files, you can easily restore them from the backup.

Video: Translating LifterLMS with TranslatePress and Poedit

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To guide you through the process of customizing LifterLMS text using TranslatePress and Poedit, we’ve created an instructional video. Watch it here:

Here are 2 videos about translating the LifterLMS elements using the Loco Translate plugin:

You can learn more about WordPress translations in general at or contribute to LifterLMS translations by following the LifterLMS Translation Docs.

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