How can I contribute translations to LifterLMS?


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The core LifterLMS plugin as well as all free and paid add-ons are fully translatable.

The translations are maintained by users and contributors.

This guide explains where and how you can contribute translations.

The LifterLMS Core

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Translations to the core LifterLMS plugin are translated via GlotPress on

Here you’ll be able to see what has already been translated in your language and you can start submitting translations right away.

If you’re a new translation contributor we recommend you take a look at the translation handbook to help get started.

After submitting translations, a locale General Editor will review and approve or reject your translations. Some locales take longer than others depending on the number of General Editors available for the locale.

If you’re interested in having your translations approved faster, you can request to be added as a Project Editor for LifterLMS. Project editors can manage translations for a specific plugin. Each language has it’s own set of requirements and guidelines for Project Editors. We’ve found, generally, that it’s best to submit 50-100 translations prior to applying so that the General Editors can verify your work prior to appointing you as a project editor.

Translating LifterLMS Add-Ons

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Paid LifterLMS add-ons are translated via GlotPress at

After creating an account you can start submitting translations right away.

If your language does not exist submit a support request and we’ll create the language so you can get started.

If you are interest in becoming a translation editor for an add-on, you must first have at least 50 approved translations for the LifterLMS Core.

After you’ve had 50 translations approved, submit a support request and provide us with the locale(s) and add-on(s) you’d like to become an editor for and a link to your user profile.

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