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We understand that running into issues while trying to build, run, and maintain your eLearning Platform is beyond frustrating! Our support team is always happy to help with even the most basic questions!

However, to give you a head start on fixing any issue you experience, we thought we’d put together a quick troubleshooting guide that could help you either find a solution quickly or provide us with more information in support so we can help you faster and more efficiently!

Plugin and System Updates

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One of the very first things to check when you notice any type of glitch is if your LifterLMS plugins are all up to date. We are always trying to stay on top of bugs with minor releases to the core plugin and our add ons. This means that just a quick update may be the solution to the issue you’re experiencing.

Not sure if your plugins are out of date to begin with or how to update them if they are? Make sure you have your license key installed. This is responsible for activating your license key and making sure all of your plugins are receiving notices of updates.

Once you’ve made sure all of your LifterLMS plugins are up to date, you will also want to check that your system itself is up to date!

Issues can arise from your PHP or WordPress being on older unsupported versions. We are always making sure that our products are compatible with the latest releases as these platforms update and change to preform better.

We have provided a list of our requirements in our System Requirements documentation, as well as information on how to update systems like PHP.

Our Documentation

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On our LifterLMS website we have created an extensive library of searchable documentation.

We take care to keep our documentation up to date as well as adding new information and guides every month. Chances are your issue may already have a detailed solution in our knowledge base!

You can find our documentation under the resources tab on or by following the link here!

Are you experiencing users being unable to log in, access courses they are enrolled in, or reset their password? This is a very common issue that is most likely related to any caching that you have active on your site. The fastest way to rule this issue out is to clear your cache and turn it off to see if the issue goes away.

For more information on caching issues and solutions, check out our Caching Issues FAQ!  

Another issue you may see is when attempting to view a page, course, or lesson you’ve created on the front end only to be told it cannot be found. This is usually a very easy fix of going into your settings and flushing your permalinks. We have a guide on how to do this on our How to Flush WordPress documentation.

Debug Logs

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One of the most helpful tools you can use when encountering any issues on your site is your site’s debug logs.

This log keeps track of errors that occur and can point you in the direction of what is causing the error.

These logs are also frequently asked for by support teams to help quickly locate and solve any conflicts or bugs.

If you need to access your debug logs or would like further information please see our documentation here: Finding Debug Logs in LifterLMS for more information.

Plugin Conflicts

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If you’re experiencing loading issues, pages not loading correctly, or the loading content icon spinning and spinning but going nowhere, then you may be experiencing a conflict between LifterLMS and other plugins on your site.

The best and most effective method of troubleshooting is simply disabling all of the plugins on your site except for LifterLMS. You will be able to see if the issue disappears with only our product turned on. If it does, then you will want to go through and turn each plugin back on one by one until you see the issue reappear.

This will tell you exactly which plugin is causing the conflict, then you can either submit a support ticket letting us know the issue or you can choose to leave the plugin turned off or find an alternative one to use.

If you’re concerned about doing it on your live site, you may be able to copy your site over to a staging environment so that your users are not disrupted. Most hosts come with free staging sites for their users. You can find a guide to staging site on our All about Staging Sites documentation.

Theme Compatibility

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If your content is not displaying as you are expecting it to, such as sidebars, headers, or footers then the theme you’ve chosen may not best support LifterLMS.

To rule out display issues you can switch from your theme to a neutral WordPress default theme like Twenty Nineteen and see if the issue goes away.

Additionally, we do have some tools you can use to resolve sidebar issues specifically with our free LifterLMS Labs plugin. One of the options in LifterLMS Labs is the Super Sidebars setting. This can be a helpful tool for getting your sidebars to be read on themes that don’t declare support for LifterLMS.

Submit a Support Ticket

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Of course, our support team is always happy to answer any questions you have about set up and functionality!

If you’re not sure about how to get support check out our guide for submitting support tickets!

When submitting your support request, you will be asked to submit a System Report when submitting your ticket. System Reports are a snapshot off all the plugins and systems your site has running and is incredible useful for our team to quickly diagnose issues! To find your system report you can follow our guide to How to use System Reports! 

We also love screenshots and links to pages where you are experiencing issues! After all, the more information you give us the faster we can diagnose the problem!

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