How do I submit a LifterLMS support ticket?

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Submit a Ticket

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If you are a current customer of one of our paid products, you can submit a support ticket:

  1. Login to your account on
  2. In your account area, click on “Support”
  3. Fill out the form, including your LifterLMS System Report, and submit your request.

Maximize Your Support Experience

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Follow these recommendations to maximize your support experience:

  • Please be as detailed as possible in terms of the challenge you’re having and what you’ve already tried to resolve it.
  • Submit one issue per ticket. If you have multiple technical issues, separate them into separate support tickets.
  • Use visual communication to increase clarity of communication with screenshots and videos.
  • Please be positive, polite, and patient while the support team works to resolve the challenge you’re having.
  • After your support issue is resolved, we’d appreciate it if you could leave LifterLMS a rating and review about your experience.


LifterLMS file a support ticket

Please note that you will only be able to access the support ticket desk if you are logged into the LifterLMS website and have purchased a product from LifterLMS.

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