Finding Debug Logs in LifterLMS

Access LifterLMS Logs

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LifterLMS records several different kinds of logs to help you keep track of events and notifications happening on your site, as well as any errors that could be occurring.

Error logs may be helpful for you when troubleshooting and are often asked for by the LifterLMS support team to help isolate any issues.

These logs can be accessed by going to LifterLMS->Status->Logs in your WordPress admin.

From there you will see a drop down where you can navigate from base LifterLMS logs, notifications logs, update logs, and most recently debug logs if you have your WP_Debug and WP_Debug_Log turned on.

Enabling Debug Logs

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To turn on the PHP error logs or debug logs you will first need access to your FTP files. From there you will locate these three log settings:

  • WP_DEBUG enables debugging
    • Errors will be visible depending on your server’s error reporting settings
    • Must be enabled for the following two methods to function.
  • WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY shows errors on screen.
    • This is the fastest and easiest way to find an error causing a white screen.
    • This will display error and warning messages to any visitor to your website.
    • If you’re seeing 500 in AJAX, displaying the error messages won’t help.
  • WP_DEBUG_LOG records error messages to a log file located on your server at wp-content/debug.log.
    • This will prevent visitors from seeing any error messages on your site.
    • If you’re seeing 500 errors in AJAX calls this is the best way to find the related error message.

You will want to make sure to turn on at least WP_DEBUG and WP_DEBUG_LOG. This will then create a record for any errors going on in the background of your site and her your team or the LifterLMS Support team better locate a conflict or bug that is present on your site!

If you don’t have access to your FTP files or are not comfortable editing them, your website host should be able to turn on the debug log and provide you with the files if you reach out to them for further information!

Disable Debug Logs

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Once you’ve found the error or finished troubleshooting it is important to turn, at least, DEBUG_DISPLAY off.

If you head into your wp-config.php file when you’re done you’ll want to turn the true back to false:

define( 'WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY', false );

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