How Do I Delete Student Enrollment?


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Deleting student enrollment removes the student’s name from the course or membership listing under Student Management in the course or membership. It also removes the course or membership from the student’s dashboard on the front end.

This is different from cancelling or expired student enrollments where the student’s name is still listed in the course or membership under student enrollment and the course or membership is still listed on the student dashboard with the status of cancelled or expired.

In both cases of deleting student enrollment and cancelling/expired student enrollment the student will not lose progress in the course should they be re-enrolled in the course or membership.


How to Delete Student Enrollment

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You are able to delete a student’s enrollment once cancelled or expired by going into the Course or Membership that the student was enrolled in. Locating the Student Management settings, and finding the student whose enrollment you would like to delete.

If you need to cancel the student’s enrollment first, you can do so by clicking on the X to the right of the Enrollment Trigger column. If the student was enrolled in the course or membership through an order you will have to click the order link to cancel/expire the student from the order page. There is more information on this on the How can I manually enroll a user in a course or membership? document.

Once the student’s enrollment has been cancelled or has previously expired you will see a refresh icon and a trash icon in the column to the right of the Enrollment Trigger column.

If you click the trash icon, this will delete the student’s enrollment from that course or membership. They will no longer be listed on the course or membership as a student, and the course or membership will no longer show up on their student dashboard.

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