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LifterLMS will work without any issue and look nice with the majority of LifterLMS themes but some themes require a bit of extra markup to be fully compatible.

Issues are apparent when the default LifterLMS content wrappers do not match those of your chosen theme. Visually, you will see a broken layout on LifterLMS pages and sidebars may appear out of position.

This can occur on LifterLMS Catalog pages for courses and memberships including taxonomy pages for course and membership categories and tags. This happens because LifterLMS has its own templates for these pages and it is impossible to determine the exact markup your theme requires.

Other pages like the checkout page and the student dashboard as well as single course, membership, lesson, or quiz pages are usually unaffected. However you may need to take additional steps to ensure course and lesson sidebars function on some of these pages.

There are two ways to ensure your theme is compatible with LifterLMS Catalogs:

If you’re not comfortable with PHP you may find it easier to contact your theme developer and provide them with a link to this documentation and ask for their assistance. You can alternatively contact a LifterLMS Expert for assistance.

Please note that LifterLMS Support cannot provide assistance with custom theme compatibility code.

Using Hooks

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This method involves adding a few lines of code to your theme’s functions.php file or to a custom plugin.

First, you should unhook the default LifterLMS wrapper functions:

Second, add your own custom functions to output the theme’s wrappers:

Note: the above HTML should be replaced with the HTML your theme uses! This HTML only serves as an example and will more than likely not work with your chosen theme!

Using Template Overrides

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The default wrappers in LifterLMS are templates which you can override like any other template in LifterLMS. You can read how to override a template here.

You can override the theme wrapper templates LifterLMS utilizes and replace their content with your theme’s html.

You’ll need to override two templates: templates/global/wrapper-start.php and templates/global/wrapper-end.php

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