LifterLMS Templates

Templates Overview

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LifterLMS templates are stored in the LifterLMS plugin directory at lifterlms/templates/.

You can see a full list of the templates available at

Overriding a Template

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Any template in the LifterLMS Templates directory can be overridden by adding a file of the same name to either your Theme or Child Theme.

When LifterLMS loads a template it, it attempts to locate a template in the following order:

  1. Child Theme
  2. Theme
  3. LifterLMS

To add templates to your theme or child theme, add a directory titled lifterlms and then add your custom template with the same name and path as the default template in LifterLMS.

For example, if you’d like to override the default template for templates/course/complete-lesson-link.php you would add a file to your theme or child theme at my-theme/lifterlms/course/complete-lesson-link.php

Filter: lifterlms_theme_override_directories

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You can use this filter to add additional directories to list of directories LifterLMS looks in for override templates.

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