Getting Started with Privacy in LifterLMS

What do you need to know as a LifterLMS site owner?

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This document is not legal advice and is meant to be a brief introduction to data collection and privacy concerns when using LifterLMS on your site!

As a LifterLMS site owner you are responsible for knowing and understanding what kind of data your site collects and stores about your visitors and users. Read up and do your research! Ask questions of hired professionals when necessary.

Every LifterLMS site uses a different set of plugins and third-party tools and integrations. It is¬†impossible¬†for LifterLMS to know all the information that is collected by your site, how it is stored, and what it is used for. Below you can find an outline of the data collected by the LifterLMS core (and LifterLMS add-ons). If you are using other plugins you’ll want to consult their makers and documentation for additional information that may be collected.


Is my site in compliance with GDPR?

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If you’re servicing users or visitors in the EU you’ll want to ensure that your site is GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant.

LifterLMS attempts to help your site maintain GDPR compliance by integrating with WordPress core privacy tools to enable simple data exports and erasures upon request from your students. This does not alone guarantee GDPR compliance! If you’re unsure or have questions, hire a professional!

Here is a list of relevant resources on GDPR compliance with relation to WordPress sites:

Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions

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A Privacy Policy is an agreement that outlines what personal information you collect from your users (e.g. email addresses, names, and so on) and how you use that personal information.

A Terms and Conditions or a Terms of Use is an agreement that sets forth the terms, conditions, requirements, and clauses relating to the use of your website, (e.g. copyright protection, account termination, and more).


LifterLMS provides you with checkout, enrollment, and registration options for adding a Terms and Conditions page to your site. When enabled, users cannot register for an account unless they agree to the terms by checking a checkbox. See our help document on these settings for more information.

LifterLMS adds additional options which allow you to display a notice prior to user account creation which links to your site’s privacy policy. For additional information on configuring a Privacy Policy and showing a Privacy Policy notice see our help document.

Additionally, since WordPress 3.9.6 there are tools to help you create a Privacy Policy.

What personal information does LifterLMS collect and store?

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The LifterLMS plugin installed on your website will collect and store the following information on visitors who register for an account via LifterLMS enrollment, registration, or checkout.

  • First and Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Billing Address
  • Phone Number
  • IP Adress
  • Date of account creation
  • Date of last login (updated on each new login)

Depending on your site’s settings, you may not collect all of this information during account creation as some (or all) of these fields may be disabled or set as optional.

All of this information is stored in the WordPress database on either the wp_users tables or the wp_usermeta table. When orders are created LifterLMS will additionally store copies of this user information on the wp_postmeta table.

LifterLMS does not gather any data on visitors to your sites.

Other plugins and scripts or tools installed on your site may collect additional data and LifterLMS. It is important that you consult the makers of these other plugins or tools to ensure that you know exactly what is being collected about your site’s users and visitors.

What personal information is transferred from your site to

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The LifterLMS plugin installed on your site¬†never¬†transfers any of your visitor’s or user’s personal information outside of your website to or any other website or location.

If you have opted into LifterLMS Usage Tracking¬†on your site, the LifterLMS plugin¬†will¬†send the information outlined on our Usage Tracking page to which we use to improve the LifterLMS product. None of your student’s personal information is ever collected in this way.

Informational webinar replay about GDPR in general and LifterLMS specific features

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