As of LifterLMS 3.0 it’s possible for admins of a LifterLMS-powered site to enable usage tracking from within the WordPress admin area. Enabling this feature will send non-sensitive usage data to LifterLMS about how LifterLMS is being used.

This data is extremely valuable for us so we can determine trends and potential issues. It gives us the real data we need to make informed decisions about both the present and future of LifterLMS.



The only sensitive thing we store is the admin email address. We do not track or store any personal or business critical data from you or your students. We keep track of the admin email address simply to get in touch regrading potential vulnerabilities and information on fixes. Tracking data is sent automatically to our servers once you opt-in and then once a week thereafter.

How to opt-out

If you’d like to opt-out of tracking after enabling it, no problem. Just visit your WordPress admin dashboard and then go to LifterLMS -> Status -> Tools & Utilities and click the Reset Tracking Settings button.


What Information is Tracked?

  • WordPress admin email address
  • WordPress Site URL
  • WordPress Version
  • WP_Debug Setting
  • WordPress Pemalink Structure
  • Status of wp_cron
  • Which pages are used for front and posts pages
  • If the site is a multisite
  • The values of most LifterLMS settings
  • The values of most official LifterLMS Add-on settings
  • The values of most official LifterLMS gateway settings. API keys and related sensitive information is NOT tracked
  • PHP Version
  • Server software and version
  • Various PHP settings like memory limit, maximum post size, maximum execution time, cuRL, SOAP, and fSock.
  • MySQL version
  • The currently installed theme and version number
  • List of plugins, their statuses, and their versions and related information
  • Total number of users
  • Total number of orders
  • Total number of posts for custom LifterLMS Post Types (courses, lessons, quizzes, questions, memberships, and more)
  • Total number of engagements awarded (achievements and certificates)

We gather all this data in order to make LifterLMS better. If we can see how LifterLMS is being used, we can build more powerful and flexible features, write better documentation, and do things we haven’t even considered yet.


Get a Coupon

We realize that data is valuable, so in exchange for this data, we’ll send you a coupon for participating.

We will only send one coupon per email address, so if you’ve opted in on multiple sites and want a new coupon, get creative with your email address!

We will also only send coupons for tracking enabled on non-local websites.

Thanks for participating.