Roles and Capabilities


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LifterLMS registers 4 user roles upon installation. Through the use of user roles, you can provide varying levels of access to your WordPress admin panel and the LMS content on your site.

In addition to user roles, LifterLMS utilizes a number of capabilities.

The default WordPress administrators are granted all LifterLMS capabilities so that your admins can do everything possible in LifterLMS automatically.


Role: LMS Manager

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The LMS Manager can do everything in LifterLMS. This allows you to provide access to someone without making them an admin on your site.


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Instructors can create, edit, and delete their own courses (sections, lessons, quizzes, and quiz questions) and memberships.

Instructors can also create new Instructor’s Assistants to help them manage their own courses.

Instructors cannot enroll or unenroll students.

Instructor's Assistant

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Instructor’s Assistants are similar to Instructors but they can be managed by their instructors and they can only edit courses their instructor has assigned them to. Editing a course will allow them to create and delete sections, lessons, quizzes, and quiz questions within that course but they may not create or delete courses themselves.



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A student can only view content of courses and memberships their enrolled in and edit their own user profile information.

All user accounts created via LifterLMS registrations and checkouts are created as students. This role is, essentially, the WordPress core’s subscriber role.


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The LifterLMS core capabilities are:

  • manage_lifterlms: Allows a user to view and edit LifterLMS Settings
  • view_lifterlms_reports: Allows a user to view LifterLMS reporting for students in courses and memberships their own courses and memberships.
  • view_others_lifterlms_reports: Allows a user to view LifterLMS reporting for all courses and memberships.
  • enroll: Allows a user to enroll students into courses and memberships
  • unenroll: Allows a user to unenroll students from courses and memberships

Roles and Capabilities Table

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A table containing all the capabilities available to these LifterLMS roles is available here.

Customizing Roles and Capabilities

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If you wish to modify roles and capabilities, use a third-party plugin such as Capability Manager Enhanced.


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