What is the difference between a voucher and a coupon?


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There are many differences between Coupons and Vouchers but in many circumstances they can be used interchangeably.

Below are a number of examples of the differences between vouchers and coupons.

Bulk Generation

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Vouchers can be generated in bulk while Coupons can only be created one at a time.

This makes vouchers useful for large business to business transactions. For example, imagine that a company wants to buy 500 licenses to your course and they require a unique code for each of their employees. With 1 voucher, you can quickly generate 500 unique codes and export a .csv of the codes that you can hand off to your customer.

To do this with a coupon would take you a very long time or you would have to compromise with this company, giving them one coupon code with 500 uses.

Product Access and Association

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Vouchers can provide access to multiple courses and memberships in one “transaction” and coupons can only ever provide access to one course or one membership at a time.

If you wanted to give a student access to 5 different courses, you could give that student a voucher that provides access to those 5 courses on redemption. The student could redeem this voucher and gain access to all 5 courses at once.

You would need to give 5 different coupons to the student to acheve this and they would need to move through the checkout process 5 individual times.

Alternatively, coupons do not have to be associated with a course or membership. If you wanted to give a student 100% to a course of their choosing, you could do this with a coupon but not with a voucher.


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Vouchers can only be redeemed during new user registration (when enabled) and on the student’s dashboard.

Coupons can only be redeemed on the checkout screen before a purchase has been made.

Sales and Orders

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A voucher is not associated with any payment within LifterLMS and therefore does not generate a LifterLMS Order.

Coupons either discount or (in the case of a 100% off coupon) make a purchase free. They will always result in the generation of a LifterLMS Order.

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