LifterLMS Advanced Coupons

LifterLMS Advanced Coupons: Turn Discounts Into Profits

LifterLMS Advanced Coupons helps course creators, coaches, and membership site entrepreneurs make more money online through strategic discounts.

Key Takeaways

Increase course and membership sales with URL coupons, checkout volume discounts, coupons by country, and more with the LifterLMS Advanced Coupons add-on plugin.

What is the LifterLMS Advanced Coupons add-on?

The LifterLMS Advanced Coupons add-on is a plugin you add to your LifterLMS-powered website to extend the coupon features included in the free LifterLMS plugin.

The main coupon features included the free LifterLMS plugin include:

  • coupon naming
  • discount type (% or amount)
  • access plan types (any, one-time payment, recurring)
  • trial pricing discounts
  • course and membership product restrictions
  • coupon expiration date
  • usage limits

When you install LifterLMS Advanced Coupons, you get these additional features:

  • access plan restrictions
  • minimum checkout amount requirements
  • limit maximum uses per user
  • geographic restrictions
  • coupon URLs
  • advanced coupon reporting
LifterLMS Advanced Coupons - Restrictions

How To Use Advanced Coupons To Make More Money Online

The advantage of using LifterLMS Advanced coupons comes from offering strategic discounts that create sales from price-sensitive shoppers and reduce friction in the checkout process.

Here are all the ways to leverage LifterLMS Advanced Coupons to make money online in an online education business…

URL coupons allow you to create a custom link that generates a discounted sale from a specific link click or visit from anywhere on the internet.

Testing the coupon URL.

When a URL coupon link is clicked, the user is redirected directly to your LifterLMS checkout for a specific course or membership with a specific coupon code automatically applied.

Places to use URL coupons:

  • From a LifterLMS engagement email upselling another course or membership
  • From a Facebook or YouTube advertisement promoting a special offer
  • From an email campaign or automation to your email list
  • On social media when you are promoting a special offer
  • From a pop-up on your website triggered by a specific action
  • From a personal 1:1 email
  • Anywhere you can publish a link

Minimum Checkout Total: Increase Average Order Value

Minimum checkout total restrictions on a coupon help you encourage users to purchase your more expensive courses and memberships.

You’ve probably seen this strategy in retail shopping when a seller offers you a discount if you spend at least $100. This encourages retail buyers to buy more items or more expensive items.

LifterLMS Advanced Coupons - Minimum Purchase Amount

You can do the same thing with digital courses and memberships. For example, a website visitor could buy 1 course at full price or get the same course and 3 more if they purchase your more expensive membership while also getting a discount.

Geographic Coupon Restrictions: Make More Money Worldwide With Price Localization

Geographic targeting in coupons is powerful if you plan to sell courses and memberships worldwide.

LifterLMS Advanced Coupons detects the country your website is viewing your website from. You can target coupon discounts to specific countries or regions of the world.

Price localization and price by country

Why discount your courses and memberships for specific countries?

Some countries have different levels of purchasing power with their native currency. For example, you may be selling a course in United States dollars, but someone in Argentina may not be able to afford your course because their currency does not have as much purchasing power. So you could offer a 50% discount for Argentinians to get into your program at an affordable price.

This concept of pricing by country is called price localization. For example, a Mc Donalds Big Mac sandwich has a different price in different countries with their price localization strategy.

Price localization adjusts course and membership prices to match the purchasing power and market standards of different geographic locations.

Limit Coupon Usage By User: Create One-Time Offers (OTOs)

A one-time offer is a special deal available to a customer only once.

When you limit the use of a coupon to one use per user, you create a special offer that can only be used one time.

one time offers

Single-use coupons like this are helpful encouraging:

  • first purchase
  • upsells
  • cross-sells
  • limited time promotions

Access Plan Targeting: Promote Discounts on Specific Offers

The LifterLMS access plan system is a customizable way to offer multiple price points for a specific course or membership.

Access plans are the pricing table of options where website visitors can choose a specific price and benefits package.

Let’s look at a classic course pricing table with 3 access plans:

  • self study course: $500
  • course + group coaching: $2,000
  • course + private coaching: $5,000

With access plan targeting with Advanced Coupons, you could for example offer a coupon code that is only valid on your group coaching plan where the user gets 50% off.

LifterLMS Advanced Coupons - Access Plan Restrictions

This would encourage more people to go for the group coaching plan at a discount, instead of just getting the $500 self-study course.

Advanced Coupon Reporting: Track Coupon Usage

LifterLMS Advanced Coupons introduces powerful coupon reporting so you can track the data on your coupon usage for administration and strategic insight.

LifterLMS Advanced Coupons - coupon usage and reporting data

You could use coupon usage data to:

  • track the performance of coupon marketing campaigns
  • track partner performance from partners distributing unique coupon codes
  • study which discount amounts are most effective for your audience

Increase your sales today with LifterLMS Advanced Coupons.

Discounts are a powerful part of sales and marketing.

Start using LifterLMS Advanced Coupons with the best WordPress LMS plugin, LifterLMS, to increase your course and membership sales revenue.

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