LifterLMS + WP Engine Password Reset Form Conflict and Caching issue with Plain Permalinks

If you’re hosting your WordPress site on WP Engine, the default settings will cache most of the site, including the LifterLMS dashboard page. Starting with LifterLMS version 6.6.0, the dashboard page is automatically excluded from server-side caching in WP Engine.

However, when wp-admin  -> Settings -> Permalinks is set to “Plain”, WP Engine will cache the LifterLMS dashboard page. This prevents users from being able to successfully use the LifterLMS “Lost your password?” feature, as well as seeing updates to dashboard pages for up to ten minutes at a time.

One solution is to use a permalink setting other than plain.

Another solution is to log in to the WP Engine user portal and add a custom cache exclusion for the path `^/dashboard/` where “dashboard” is the permalink URL slug of the LifterLMS dashboard page.

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