How to Build a Yoga Business Website and Teach Online with WordPress and Kadence in 2021

Have you ever felt frustrated or “oversold” when it comes to creating an online yoga business website with WordPress. You were sold on the customizability and flexibility of WordPress, but you found yourself lost with too many tools that are hard to drive and a site that doesn’t look good? You also had to piece together a bunch of other tech to make it work with expensive monthly fees.

People ask Chris all the time how to create a beautiful online yoga website with WordPress fast and on the cheap for themselves or their clients. WordPress professionals need a way to create a great looking yoga business websites to sell in person group classes, virtual group classes, hybrid classes, and private classes. Perhaps you’re struggling with one of these challenges …

  • Most yoga themes and plugins are designed around brochure sites for in person only yoga studios; not online classes
  • To truly satisfy the needs of a yoga business owner it’s easy to overcomplicate the website and get lost in a sea of unnecessary WordPress tools and expensive monthly other software subscriptions
  • It takes way to long to build an online presence for a yoga business

We’re going to help you build an online yoga business website in 2021 with WordPress, LifterLMS, and the incredible Kadence theme 100 times faster than you ever thought possible so that you can…

  • Launch a flexible online presence for a yoga business serving clients in person and online in group and private contexts
  • Launch the website fast with an incredibly small and affordable list of technology tools required
  • Launch the website in 52 minutes, not months


The 5 key principles of a yoga website and online business…

1) Offer virtual, in studio, group, and private options
2) Sell memberships that can be cancelled anytime instead of a la carte.
3) Simplify the offering to just 3 class packages that cover all the possibilities
4) All you need is WordPress, Kadence, LifterLMS, Simply Schedule Appointments, and Zoom
5) Build your email list, build trust, and close sales through an automated simple free prerecorded video class

WordPress LMS Buyers Guide

Chris Badgett has been building WordPress websites and online business platforms for yoga instructors for a decade. He’s seen these projects go well and not so well. One of the very first LifterLMS customers was a yoga instructor who had a studio, yoga retreats, and delivered online classes and coaching globally virtually and at massive scale.

There’s a myth that you have to be a yoga celebrity to deliver yoga instruction online. Not true! There is only one you! Different is better than better. The world is a big place. Go look at all the non-celebrity yoga YouTube videos and their view counts.

Help your yoga clients get leads, not just have a website by watching the YouTube Traffic System free training video.

The Kadence theme and LifterLMS are a powerful combination for yoga websites built with WordPress. With this combination, you can advertise for a main street yoga studio, and you can also offer online yoga instruction worldwide.