How do I restrict access to certain courses, pages, blog posts, forums, and more?

Membership Restriction

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In LifterLMS you can restrict courses to a membership by creating a members only access plan.  Members only access plans can be made only available to students active in a membership (or memberships) of your choosing.  Please note that members only pricing can be used to create both free and paid access plans.

Restriction of Pages and Blog Posts

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You have the option to restrict a page or a (blog) post to a membership when creating the page or post. You can do this in the meta box settings at the right side of the screen. 


How to Create Members Only Forums

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 You can use LifterLMS + bbPress to create a members only forum on your website.  For more information click here.

Once enabled, bbPress forms can be restricted to one or multiple LifterLMS Memberships.

Custom Development

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If you are looking for additional types of content restriction you might need custom development.  Check out our LifterLMS Experts if you have questions on custom needs.

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