Should Online Learners Get a Second Chance?

LifterLMS 3.4.4 just rolled out with the ability to reset quiz attempts for a learner

This means you can go into the LifterLMS reporting area, drill town through a course to a specific student’s specific test attempt, and delete an attempt.
In LifterLMS quiz attempts can be unlimited or limited to a specific number of attempts.
Quizzes can also have a required passing grade in order to complete the lesson the quiz is associated with if you’d like. If the quiz is on the last lesson in a course, think of it as a ‘final examination.’

Why are second chances cool?

People learningI’m going to tell you a story to illustrate why second chances are cool …
Frank creates courses for coaches.
Frank trains these coaches in a new method that he created to help them develop peak performance results in their clients.
The general public is aware of Frank’s method since he wrote a book and makes lots of YouTube videos on the topic. This means the public wants the results promised by Frank’s methods, and they also want to hire coaches who can facilitate the learning and integration process.
Frank is a smart entrepreneur. He creates a lot of content about his methods. His personal coaching practice is booked out, and there is way too much demand than he and his coaching practice can serve alone.
So he created a certification program around his methods so he can help other coaches deliver his methods to clients of their own. So Frank also helps coaches get better results and grow their coaching businesses, too.
Coaches from all over the world flock to Frank’s online training and certification program.
This is serious business, because Frank’s methods involve drastically improving the health and performance ability of the end clients. Because of the seriousness of this method and the professional nature of the coaching industry, Frank’s course has a final examination built in LifterLMS that the coaches must pass with a 90% or higher grade in order to get the certification.
Frank doesn’t mess around. The coaches only get 1 attempt on the final exam.
If the coaches learn and engage with the material, they’ll be fine. Frank’s teaching methods are solid.
But …
Beth goes through Frank’s program and get’s a 89% score on the final examination.
She does not pass the course.
She does not get her certification.
Beth is upset and frustrated, but still committed to becoming certified in Frank’s methods.
Beth takes ownership and goes through the entire course again on her own.
She figures out where the missing links were in her understanding.
But she can’t take the test again because of the 1 quiz attempt limit.
Beth doesn’t give up easily.
She emails Frank, explains her situation, asks to schedule a meeting, and respectfully asks for another chance on the final examination.
What should Frank do for this person who is committed to his method and retook the entire class to better herself and prepare for another shot at the certification?
Should Frank reward the commitment and tennacity with another chance?
I think so, and so did Frank.
With LifterLMS it was easy. He gave her another attempt with one click.
Beth is now certified.
Frank’s program is still known in his industry for being challenging and effective and requiring absolute commitment to learning.
Beth recommends Frank’s course to all her hardworking coaching colleagues.

Second chances in online education

The feedback loop in online education with LifterLMSThe most effective training programs include a feedback loop between the teacher and the learner.
With LifterLMS you can limit quiz attempts and put a passing grade requirement on the quiz.
With LifterLMS you can trigger an automated personalized email to go out to the student and the instructor when the learner fails a quiz.
With LifterLMS we’re not just building automated information delivery systems. We’re not building digital versions of books that have ‘higher perceived value.’
We’re building high value learning environments that do contain a lot of automation. But we’re also building learning environments that contain a feedback loop mechanism that you can use to leverage real human interaction to guide the learning experience.

Here’s what I’d like you to do next …

facebook-app-LifterLMS-Online Course creators Membership Site OwnersCome join the LifterLMS VIP facebook group and share how you are building a feedback loop in your learning environment.
See what we did right there?
We’re building integrated learning technology at LifterLMS. Listing to and engaging around your goals, experiences, and troubles in teaching is part of our feedback loop. It’s our shared feedback loop that allows us to create the best learning software.