Introducing the LifterLMS Helper (and updates to Stripe, MailChimp, and Infusionsoft)

Today we’re unveiling a new free LifterLMS extension to aid in automatic updates of premium LifterLMS extensions via the WordPress admin panel.
In an effort to improve the performance and user experience around activating and updating LifterLMS and LifterLMS extensions, we’ve created the LifterLMS Helper which serves updates more reliably than our previous methods.
You can grab a copy of the extension and read more about how the extension works at
Right now the LifterLMS Helper will serve updates to the LifterLMS Stripe, LifterLMS MailChimp, and LifterLMS Infusionsoft extensions. We’re phasing out the updater methods that currently exist in LifterLMS in the next major release of LifterLMS itself so we recommend you grab the Helper and start using it as soon as possible.