Install and Update Add-Ons with the LifterLMS Helper

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The LifterLMS Helper allows you to activate your LifterLMS licenses on your website. After adding licenses to your site you’ll be able to install and update your LifterLMS add-ons and opt-in to beta testing.

LifterLMS Version Requirements

The LifterLMS Helper requires you have at least version 3.22.0 of LifterLMS installed.


  1. Navigate to your account dashboard downloads area which is inside the “Licenses” tab
  2. Locate LifterLMS Helper under “Plugins”
  3. Download it (a zip file).
  4. On your WordPress site navigate to Plugins > Add New.
  5. Click the Uploads tab, and upload the zip file.
  6. Select Activate.

Adding Licenses

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Have you installed and activated the LifterLMS Helper? The LifterLMS Helper is what displays the blue My License Key box that you add your key to!

After installing the LifterLMS Helper you will want to activate your LifterLMS license keys so you can install and update all of your add-ons.

You can find all your licenses on your account dashboard on the Licenses tab.

  1. Once you’ve found the license(s) you wish to activate, head to your WordPress admin panel
  2. Navigate to LifterLMS -> Add-ons & More.
  3. Locate the “My License Keys” button
    My License KEys
  4. Paste your license keys into the drop box. If you have multiple keys paste each one on it’s own line.
    add your keys
  5. Click “Add New” to activate your keys on this site.

Assuming you’ve added valid keys you’ll be redirected to the “My Add-Ons” tab on your site where you’ll be able to install and update any add-ons available through your added key(s).

See the Activation Errors below for troubleshooting potential activation error messages.


Installing Add-ons

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On the “My Add-Ons” section of the “Add-Ons & More” screen you’ll see a list of all the add-ons that are available to you through all of your currently activated licenses.

To install an add-on click the “Install” button. To bulk install multiple add-ons, click the “Install” button for each of the add-ons you wish to install.

Install an add-on

After selecting “Install” for one or more add-ons, a popover will slide into the middle of your screen with a list of the selected bulk actions.

bulk install modal

Click “Apply” to have all of your selected add-ons downloaded and installed on your WordPress site.


Updating Add-ons

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Once your site is activated, the LifterLMS Helper will keep you notified about any updates available for all the add-ons available through your saved licenses.

Themes and plugins can be updated through their respective screens in the WordPress core and through the main Updates area in the Dashboard section.

You may also update you add-ons from the “My Add-Ons” area.

To update an add-on click on the “Update” button for the add-on(s) you want to update:

update an add-on

After selecting “Update” for one or more add-ons, a popover will slide into the middle of your screen with a list of the selected bulk actions:

bulk actions

Click “Apply” to have all your selected add-ons updated on your site.

Removing Licenses

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If you’d like to remove a license from your WordPress site you can do so on the “My Add-Ons” tab of the LifterLMS -> Add-Ons & More screen.

  1. Locate and click the “My License Key” button
    My License KEys
  2. In the dropdown, select the key(s) you’d like to remove by checking the boxes next to the key(s):
    remove a license
  3. Click “Remove Selected”

Inactive Sites

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The LifterLMS Helper will automatically check the status of your activated licenses every week. If the Helper fails to checkin for 90 days we will consider your site inactive and you’ll need to reactivate your license key to continue using it on your website.

License Options & Limits

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Licenses enable you to install, update, and receive support for your add-ons.

Licenses do not restrict or enable add-on functionality! 

There are three licensing options for LifterLMS based on how you purchase your add-ons or bundles: single-site, 5-site, unlimited sites.

Single add-on purchases allow you to activate your license on one production website.

Universe Bundle purchases allow you to activate your license on up to five production websites.

Infinity Bundle purchases allow you to activate your license on unlimited websites.

Development, local, staging, or testing websites do not count to your active site usage limit.

Please refer to our pricing page for additional information.

Detecting Development Sites

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We detect common URLs used for development, testing, local, and staging and automatically exclude those sites from your usage limit during activation.

If we’ve flagged one of your development sites incorrectly and it’s currently counting towards your usage limit, simply submit a support ticket and let us know and we’ll correct the error and do our best to prevent it in the future.

Activation Errors

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It is possible to encounter the following errors while attempting to activate a license:

“l1M5-……” is not a valid license key. Please ensure your license key is correct and try again.

The license key could not be found. This likely means that you’ve missed a character when copying the key from your account dashboard. Double check your key and try again


“l1M5-……” is not an active license key. The current status is “……”. Visit your account dashboard at to renew the license key.

There’s a problem with your license’s subscription. If you’ve cancelled your license or your license wasn’t renewed due to a payment issue (like your credit card expired and couldn’t be recharged) you can fix this by renewing your subscription on your account dashboard.


“l1M5-……” cannot be activated on on any more sites. Visit your account dashboard at to remove this license from your other sites or to upgrade your license.

Your license has been used on another website or websites and cannot be used on any more sites. If your currently using a personal license, you can upgrade to a developer to allow activation on more sites. If you have a developer license already you can buy another license to allow activation on more sites.

You can also deactivate you other licenses on your account dashboard if you are no longer using them in other locations.


“l1M5-……” was not activated due to an error. Please try again. If the problem persists please contact support at

An error occurred when trying to perform required actions on our activation error. Try again to see if it was a momentary connectivity error and if the issue persists please contact support so we can assist you in fixing the issue on our side.

Unlicensed Add-ons

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On the LifterLMS -> Add-Ons & More screen you may see a red key with the word “Unlicensed” next to it.

unlicensed add-on

An “unlicensed” add-on will appear if you’ve installed an add-on manually by uploading the zip file to your server.

An unlicensed add-on will work without issue. The license provides you with the ability to install and update the add-on. No functionality is enabled or restricted by adding your licenses.

We do recommend activating your site so you can receive updates and update notifications but it is not required.

Once you add a valid license to your site you won’t see the “Unlicensed” warning anymore.

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