LifterLMS Groups Now Available for Pre-order

At LifterLMS we constantly ask ourselves one question …

How can we add more value than anyone else to education entrepreneurs?

This question is part of our company DNA.

More value coming your way…

One of the ways we help course creators scale their business is by providing them with support to sell into other businesses, families, larger organizations, schools, universities, governments, or really any kind of group.

Currently people use LifterLMS memberships and the voucher system to deliver group learning and management experiences.

But something much more powerful is coming, and it’s now available for pre-order …

Say hello to LifterLMS Groups

LifterLMS Groups will allow you to offer your courses and memberships to groups with additional group management features and a new group leader role.

With LifterLMS Groups you will be able to:

  • Sell courses and memberships to a group buyer
  • Have a group leader invite, enroll, and manage group users into the seats
  • Have a group leader view progress and reporting for only their users

LifterLMS Groups will allow you to offer your courses and memberships at scale into corporations, small businesses, organizations, schools, families, and any other group type you can think of.

The initial phase one release will have the group management and leadership features. Following that initial release on Feb 18, the phase 2 development and release cycle will include the automated ecommerce features where a group buyer can purchase for a group through the conversion optimized LifterLMS ecommerce and checkout system.

Earlier this summer we had targeted Dec 10 for the estimated release date of Groups. Now that we are through the release of the LifterLMS Rest API, Zapier integration, Advanced Videos, and Custom Fields, we realize we need to adjust the initial release of LifterLMS Groups to February 18 with a phased roll out.

You will be able to use the groups creation and management features with the phase 1 roll out of LifterLMS Groups on February 18. But keep in mind phase 1 will not include the automated group checkout experience. That means with phase 1 you will need to negotiate the price, number of seats, and collect the money from a group buyer through a different system like an invoice, check, or some digital commerce system. We will announce the phase 2 groups ecommerce roll out timeline immediately after the release of phase 1.

Here’s what I’d like you to do next …

Explore LifterLMS Groups here.

Think about what it might be like using LifterLMS to offer courses and memberships in volume through a bulk seats model.

Consider preordering LifterLMS Groups at an early adopter discount. Or getting access to it when it’s released by investing in the Infinity Bundle while it’s on sale during this Black Friday period.

The coupon code to use for the Black Friday discount is:


As an early adopter Groups bonus, anyone who invests in the Infinity Bundle before February 18 will get an extra month added to their Infinity Bundle license ($83 value) at no cost.

How will you use groups for your WordPress LMS?