How to Get Website Traffic and Leads for Your Online Course from YouTube

Are you struggling with no or low website visitors?

Have you ever felt frustrated that you have little or no website traffic to your online course or training based membership site?

People ask us all the time how to get more students. All too often people build courses and membership sites only to discover later that they need a marketing strategy that attracts the right students. That’s frustrating after all the time spent building the site.

As shown in the training about how to get course traffic from YouTube, once LifterLMS customers like Angela figure out YouTube and the leads start flowing in.

Do you have these 3 traffic challenges?

Do these problems sounds familiar…

  • You’ve got a great course with no leads
  • You don’t want to do outbound sales to get enrollments
  • You’re frustrated because you know you have a great training product but don’t know how to “go to market”

The traffic fix…

We will help you get qualified website traffic on autopilot that grows over time so that:

  • You have an advantage as a course creator in that you already have experience making videos
  • When you do this right you create an automated sales machine that never sleeps
  • You get relevant high quality leads even if the view count is low

Key takeaways

These are things you can learn in your YouTube traffic strategy. Here we go:

  • Clarify the who
  • Map the buyers journey
  • Vitamin vs. pill
  • Conversion planning
  • Don’t forget the words

Chris used the YouTube Traffic System strategy to get his first non-local WordPress website design clients. His entire online business career started with this method.

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.

Chris Badgett

Pro traffic tip

If you’re building online course websites or training based membership sites for clients, consider adding a video marketing package to your offer.

Here’s what we’d like you to do next…

We hope this video inspires you.

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We go deeper into how to get course leads from YouTube with a simple framework, exercise with action steps to accelerate your progress in the LifterLMS Academy. There’s a training over there you can join right now by clicking here: YouTube Traffic System.